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Isabella Bird

No description

Grace Chen

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Isabella Bird

Where She Traveled

A goal of Isabella was that she wanted to increase awareness of nature's beauty. She also wanted to inspire future explorers and dreamers to do great things.
She was an accomplished rider on horseback and on elephants.
Another accomplishment is that she is well known travel writers of her time.
Isabella Lucy Bird
By: Grace Chen #9
Isabella traveled to many places. Here are some places she traveled: Korea, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Persia, Turkey, Morocco, Kurdistan, India, Tibet, and some of the United States(She first traveled from England to America).
Images and Videos

Isabella was a sick child. Then her doctor suggested to have "a change of air" (traveling), she tried and it helped(she also enjoyed traveling). But whenever she came back to visit, she becomes sick again. When she travels to different states, she stays with relatives. Isabella wrote books about different places she has been to and things she did. She published about 16 books and she wrote in a couple of articles in newspaper (newspaper was made in the 1600).
Birth: 1831 Death: 1904 Died at age 73
She was born at Boroughbridge.
Interesting Facts
Isabella Bird knew how to ride horses.
This has many interesting facts about her travels.
It's a long video.
This is Isabella Bird.
Her father gave her 100 pounds to travel. She stayed with relatives until she ran out of money. Then she came home. Her father died so they moved to Scotland. But Isabella still took small trips.
This link says when and what she did.
Dad (Edward)
Sister (Henrietta)
no children
no children
Anglican clergyman
in England
John Bishop (Husband)
He was a doctor.
While Isabella was traveling, John took care of Henrietta because she was sick. But when Isabella came back, her sister died from typhoid. In 1875, John and Isabella were engaged. Then they got married in 1881. In 1886 (5 years after their marrige) , John died from anaemia.
This talks about her family and/or her travels.
Edward encouraged Isabella Bird to write about her travels. That is what helped Isabella write all her books.
Died: 1886
Why did Isabella start traveling?
1. Isabella was a sick child, so her doctor suggested to travel.
Died: 1858
About Isabella and Henrietta
It seemed that Isabella worked better with her younger sister, Henrietta.
Isabella was very close to Henrietta, she meant everything to her
After Henrietta died, Isabella felt abandoned and gloomy
Died: 1880
2.She was inspired and enjoyed traveling
3.She got to write about her travels and publish her books (She loved to write and was good at writing)
His 2nd wife is Dorothy. Isabella was born when Edward and Dorothy were together.
This link is about her father
These are books
Isabella wrote
This is a school named after Isabella.
Mom (Dorothy)
Dorothy was a daughter of a clergyman.
After Edward died, Dorothy, Henrietta, and Isabella moved to Edinburgh in Scotland.
Died: 1860's
Isabella was home schooled (by her mother)
This is a link to youtube. It will have many videos about her travels.
Nickname: Henny
The Englishwoman in America (1856)
Pen and Pencil Sketches Among The Outer Hebrides (published in The Leisure Hour) (1866)
The Hawaiian Archipelago (1875)
The Two Atlantics (published in The Leisure Hour) (1876)
Australia Felix: Impressions of Victoria and Melbourne (published in The Leisure Hour) (1877)
A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains (1879)
Unbeaten Tracks in Japan (1880)
Sketches In The Malay Peninsula (published in The Leisure Hour) (1883)
The Golden Chersonese and the way Thither (1883)
A Pilgrimage To Sinai (published in The Leisure Hour) (1886)
Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan (1891)
Among the Tibetans (1894)
Korea and her Neighbours (1898)
The Yangtze Valley and Beyond (1899)
Chinese Pictures (1900)
Notes on Morocco (published in the Monthly Review) (1901)
(step mom)
When Isabella came back from her trip, she used the letters she wrote to Henrietta for her first book,
The Englishwomen in America.
link about her gradparents:
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