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Mitty- Kea, Sara, Raphael

Shots and Descriptions

kea rantilla veenendaal

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Mitty- Kea, Sara, Raphael

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
By James Thurber

: Scene #2: Setting of the town & driving in the car
Shot #1: Establishing shot into Ms. Mitty is yelling about driving too fast. Mr. Mitty is ignoring Ms. Mitty.
Camera: Zoom shot into the car or a low angle from the front of the car, from the establishing shot of the setting. Looking through the windshield, eye level shot. It is the morning so the lighting is still a little dark.
Scene #3: The doctors office
Shot #2: Walter Mitty saves the patients life, and commands everyone.
Camera: High angle shot.
Theme: If you judge people, then they will have a harder time standing up for themselves.
Old town, winter
Sad, depressing, helpless >>>> hopeful, happy, delighted.
: The beginning scenes, morning (reality), the sky is dark and gloomy. It feels like there is no hope. The later scenes, later (reality) in the day/lunchtime, the sun is out and it is much more cheerful.
: Person vs. Self
: When Walter Mitty stands up to his wife in the hotel.
: Walter Mitty faces the firing squad.
Scene #1: Hydroplane
Shot #1: Walter Mitty is flying the plane and nobody thinks that he will make it, but they do.
Camera: Zoom shot, into the hydroplane, eye level from the back. It is stormy outside of the plane, so the lighting should be dark and gloomy.
Scene #2: Stopped at the hair salon
Shot #2: Walter Mitty is dropping Ms. Mitty off at the hair salon, and she is forcefully reminding him about getting the overshoes and puppy biscuits. Mr. Mitty is ignoring Ms. Mitty talking to him.
Camera: Behind Ms. Mitty, she is out of the car, reverse shot. Then zoom shot into Mr. Mitty's face.
Scene #1: Hydroplane
Shot #2: The crew is talking about how Mitty got them through the huge storm.
Camera: Zoom shot, to medium shot. It is inside of the plane still.
By Kea Rantilla-Veenendaal, Sara Usher, and Raphael Fouquet

Scene #4: Parking Lot
Shot #1: Mr. Mitty almost hits the Buick and the attendant yells at him.
Camera: Outside of the car, long shot. It is still the morning, so the lighting should still be quiet dark.

Note: Press play on video (DO NOT CLICK ON VIDEO)
Scene #4: Chain store
Shot #2: The parking attendant takes the car from Walter Mitty, and he complains about how cocky they are. Describes how he is incapable of putting the chains on the car. Says he will put his arm in a sling next time to avoid being judged.
Camera: Tracking shot, he is walking away from the chain store. It is still early morning, gloomy dark sky.
Scene #3: Emergency Room
Emergency Room
Shot #1: Dr. Mitty is talking to a nurse in an emergency room, when the millionaire banker Wellington McMillan.
: Scene #5: Walking in the town
Shot #1: Walter Mitty kicks the slush and is walking to the overshoe store. He forgets what the other thing is that he was supposed to get.
Camera: Tracking shot on Mr. Mitty as he kicks the slush.
Scene #6: Courtroom
Shot #1: Walter Mitty is accused of shooting the lady, introduces the gun in front of his face.
Camera: Eye Level shot looking at the entire courtroom scene.
Scene #6: Courtroom
Shot #2: He confesses that he could have shot the gun with his left hand, then the courtroom goes into pandemonium. The lady falls into his arms The state attorney swings at her violently. Mitty punches the attorney and calls him a “miserable cur”.
Camera: Low angle shot, looking up at Mr. Mitty.
: Scene #7: Streets
Shot #1: Walter Mitty says puppy biscuit aloud to himself and the people passing by laugh at him.
Camera: Tracking shot as he is walking down the sidewalk, zooms into his face for a close up shot. It is still very gloomy.
: Scene #8: Hotel chair
Shot #1: Mr. Mitty sits down into the deep leather chair and hides behind the news paper.
Camera: Eye Level shot zooms out from the newspaper. The room is dark and sad.
Scene #9: Dugout
Shot #1: Walter Mitty is talking to the sergeant about going out to fly the plane through the war. They are drinking brandy while they talk.
Camera: Zoom into their conversation, reverse shot.
Scene #9: Dugout
Shot #2: Walter Mitty goes out the door of the dugout and says goodbye to the sergeant.
Camera: Point of view shot of Mitty leaving the dugout showing his plane.

: Scene #10: Hotel chair
Shot #1: Walter Mitty stands up to his wife in a tiny little way.
Camera: Zooms out from the newspaper, high angle shot from Ms. Mitty's side.

Note: Press play on the video
Scene #11: Outside the hotel
Shot #1: Walter Mitty is waiting outside the market, and is going into another daydream about the firing squad.
Camera: Long shot of his leaning against the wall, then zooms into a close up shot. The lighting is very cheerful, Walter Mitty is very confident and proud.
Scene #12: Firing Squad
Scene #1: Walter Mitty is facing the firing squad which had society mixed in with it.
Camera: Reverse shot from behind Mr. Mitty, the tone is happy and hopeful. Now the sun is out.
MLA Citation:
(1) America's Prettiest Winter Towns. Digital image. America's
Prettiest Winter Towns; Travel + Leisure Magazine Recommends Places for Beautiful Snowy Scenery. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2014.
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Press pause on the video.
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