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Artemis- Goddess of the hunt, the moon, and fertility

All about Artemis
by Diana Dolghii on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of Artemis- Goddess of the hunt, the moon, and fertility

Artemis- Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon Artemis, Goddess of
the hunt, the moon, and
fertility. Sister to Apollo.
Mother and father were
Leto and Zeus. Roman name-
Diana. Artemis was born
before Apollo. Supported Troy in
the Trojan War Protector
of all young
women. Born on
Cynthus She
her father,
Zeus, if she could
be a virgin. Artemis is not a very forgiving
goddess. She will kill those who
insult her. Also Goddess
of nature. Mother is a
Titan. Always
has bows
and arrows. Even though Artemis
didn't have any children,
she was also goddess of
childbirth. Artemis isn't skilled in war-craft unlike
Apollo. Artemis' bow and arrows are made
by Hephaestus and the Cyclops. Cheif hunter to Gods
and Goddesses. Greeks called her
Hunter of Souls. She was
identified with
Selene and
Hecate. The amazons were devoted to
Artemis. One of the major Greek Goddesses. Artemis is
associated with
herbal medicines. Immune to the
of Aphrodite. One of Artemis' sacred stones was an
Amethyst. One animal that is sacred to Artemis is
a bear. Another stone
that is sacred to
pearl. One plant that is sacred
to Artemis:
Cedar Objects that are sacred
to Artemis:
bow and arrow. Another plant sacred to
silver fir. Another animal sacred
to Artemis:
deer. A power of
Magic. Artemis' symbol is a bow
and arrows.
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