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How Bacteria Obtain Food and Energy

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on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of How Bacteria Obtain Food and Energy

Some bacteria are consumers. Meaning that they eat other things in their environment to obtain their energy.
Some bacteria are producers. Meaning that they can produce their own food.
Here is a video on Bacteria, Decomposers, Consumers, and Producers
Technicalities of Consumers
Consumers have no pigments therefor they cannot produce their own food. Since they cannot produce their own food they must feed on other things within their environment to obtain energy that is needed for survival.
In short bacteria are needed for many life processes and without certain bacteria we would not be alive. Bacteria obtain energy needed to perform their life tasks to help us perform our life tasks. There are two main classifications for bacteria obtaining their energy. Like we've discussed there are Producers, which make their own food, and Consumers that eat other things in their environment to obtain their energy.
How Bacteria Obtain Food and Energy
Science Book
Notes Taken in Science Class
Scientific Blogs
Youtube Videos
College Websites
Technicalities of Producers
Producers have different colors of pigments mainly blue-green pigments. These pigments help to capture sunlight which is used for energy.
Bacteria obtain their food in many different ways.
How Bacteria Obtain Their Food.
Resa Russell
Sarabeth Enge
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