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Alice Walker

The Woman Behind the Shadows Madeleine Chilcote Stephanie Handley Lena Mishack Sadia Najam

Madeleine Chilcote

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Alice Walker

Alice Walker

The Woman Behind the Shadows Madeleine Chilcote
Stephanie Handley
Lena Mishack

love is not concerned
with whom you pray
or where you slept
the night you ran away
from home
love is concerned
that the beating of your heart
should kill no one.

•Love is not a preventable emotion, but occurs naturally no matter the circumstances.
•When you become passionate about someone, their past, religion, and living situation is not significant, only love is.

•This exhibits the pureness of love’s intentions in a time when true love is scarce.

•Most likely the speaker is the poet, Alice Walker, writing of her perception of life.

•Love is pure and natural.

•Carefree, factual, peaceful, simple, straightforward. LOVE IS NOT CONCERNED is a light poem that is not depressing or imposing whatsoever; it merely focuses on the way love works.
•This is a simple, factual, and straightforward poem because there is no excessive doting on the subject, only an easily understandable explanation/interpretation.

Purpose for Selecting this Poem
•It is an especially clear poem- no guesswork needs to be done in order to understand it.
•It offers a fresh perception of love.
Title: Remember?
•Remembering the past, learning from the past, don’t forget your identity
•Lugubrious, depressed, gloomy -> hopeful, optimistic
• (stanza 3)
Figurative language
•I am the dark <- being African American (color), image
•Transformation of oppression to freedom
•First two stanzas: her experience as a child, incident with BB gun
•Shows how physical appearance can affect outlook on life
•"holding their babies / cooking their meals / sweeping their yards / washing their clothes" <- line shows how life is as an African American
•Shows that her life is “dark and rotting / and wounded, wounded" can see how terrible life can be as an African American
•Second half of poem
oFree of any binds that hold her in place race, color
oShows that hope is the thing that changes a person (stanza 4 & 5)
oStanza 4 & 5: image of the person in proud, positive
oShow that the African American person has accepted their identity
oClosing stanzas shows that justice and hope are essential to have in society
oLast 2 stanzas: the roots referred to are justice, hope, equality used to fight against slavery
oLet us begin: hope and justice in society

Remember Me?
I am the girl
with the dark skin
whose shoes are thin
I am the girl
with rotted teeth
I am the dark
rotten-toothed girl
with the wounded eye
and the melted ear.

I am the girl
holding their babies
cooking their meals
sweeping their yards
washing their clothes
Dark and rotting
and wounded, wounded.

I would give
to the human race
Only hope.

I am the woman
with the blessed
dark skin
I am the woman
with teeth repaired
I am the woman
with the healing eye
the ear that hears.

I am the woman: Dark,
repaired, healed
Listening to you.

I would give
to the human race
only hope.

I am the woman
offering two flowers
whose roots
are twin

Justice and Hope
Hope and Justice
Let us begin.
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