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Manaal Siddique

on 27 September 2011

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Transcript of Fable PREZI


A fable is a brief story that teaches a lesson or moral, usually through animal character that take on human qualities Ten Fables:
1.) The Camel and Jupiter
2.) The Fox and the Bramble
3.) The Lamb and the Wolf
4.) The Eagle and His Captor
5.) The Three Little Pigs
6.) The Eagle and the Kite
7.) The Hen and the Swallow
8.) The Rich Man and the Tamer
9.) The Dog and the Cook
10.) The Hares and the Frogs
The Three Little Pigs-- The Silly Symphony The Three Little Pigs:

The story fits the definition because it uses animals to teach a lesson: Always make smart choices. The third pig chose to make his house out of bricks so that the Big Bad Wolf can't blow down his house, like how he did with the first and the second pig.

We chose this story because it is a classic and one of the most well-known fables. Also, it teaches an important lesson.

Characters: Pig 1, Pig 2, Pig 3, and the Big Bad Wolf

FABLES!!!! Symbol: The number 3 represents the number of pigs, and the number of houses. Conflict The wolf is trying to eat the three little pigs Exposition:

Three little pigs went out and settled for a place to live Pig 1 built a house of straw Pig 2 built a house of sticks When the Big Bad Wolf comes to blow down houses Pig 3 built a house of bricks Rising Action Climax: Falling Action: Resolution:

The pigs managed to scare off by bumping him, and he never came back The wolf blew down House 1, and Pig 1 ran to Pig 2 The wolf blew down House 2 and both pigs ran to Pig 3 The wolf could not blow down House 3 PLOT MOUNTAIN! One theme (central idea, message) found in The Three Little Pigs:
Planning is key. Since the first two pigs were lazy,it costed them their houses, and they almost lost their lives. The third pig planned, and was prepared for the wolf. Katy, Elaine, and Manaal CREDITS:

1.) www.google.com/imghp-- Google Images

2.) www.youtube.com --

3.) www.etext.virginia.edu/toc/modeng/public/AesFabl.html--
Aesop's Fables

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