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Under Armour

420 Final Presentation

Cassandra Rzepka

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Under Armour

Thomas Hura
Cassandra Rzepka
Ashley Warfield
Ryan Maher
To Make All Athletes Better Through Passion, Design And The Relentless Pursuit Of Innovation. Brand Mission Background Product Lines Footwear Accessories Apparel HEATGEAR
Hunting boots Head Wear
Team Uniforms
Baby/Kids’ Apparel
Eye Wear
Inflatable Footballs & Basketballs Facts Inspiration Under Armour (UA) is an American sports clothing and accessories company
Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland
Approximately 5,900 employees
Utilizes a December 31 year-end
Four Geographic Locations
North America
Latin America
Asia Kevin Plank was Captain of University of Maryland football team
Tired of having to constantly change his sweat-soaked T-shirts
Noticed that his compression shorts stayed dry throughout practice
Created a T-shirt using moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics Competition In 2012 Revenue was over 1.82 Billion Net Revenues by Distribution Auditors Report Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow Stockholders Equity Ratio Analysis Ratio Analysis Horizontal Analysis Vertical Analysis Horizontal Analysis Vertical Analysis Independent Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) Unqualified Opinion Issued: SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Threats Opportunities Conclusion Questions??? Significant Accounting Policies Revenue Recognition
Inventory Valuation
Impairment of long live Assets
Income Taxes
Stock Based Compensation
Property & Equipment Revenue, Net Income & Stockholders Equity growth since 2008
Ability to Innovate on Brand Image Shift in consumer demand
International Sales
Increasing recognition of health benefits Newer Company
No Patents on Raw Materials Discretionary Item
Problems with suppliers outside the US
Inability to manage growth
Planks control over voting stock Under Armour:
Market Cap: 5.92 Billion
Revenue: 1.83 Billion Nike:
Market Cap: 54.44 Billion
Revenue: 24.13 Billion Adidas:
Market Cap: 20.96 Billion
Revenue: 18.93 Billion Columbia Sports Wear:
Market Cap: 2.00 Billion
Revenue: 1.67 Billion History Changed from UARM to UA when Under Armour moved from NASDAQ to NYSE on Dec 18th 2006 In 1996 orders were $17,000 IPO November 18th 2005 as with the ticker UARM on the NASDAQ On IPO day they were the first US company in five years to rise at least 100% on the first day of trading Founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank After obtaining $40,000 by maxing out his credit cards he set up his company in his grandmother's basement Soon after setting up his business and perfecting his shirt, he made sales to Georgia Tech Other Division 1 Teams followed Georgia Tech along with 24 NFL teams In 1999 Warner Brothers contracted UA to help outfit its actors in two football movies In 1997 orders grew to $100,000 Under Armour's future includes a greater penetration of the international market EPS: (2012)
Under Armour 1.21
Nike 2.37
Adidas 1.26
Columbia Sports Wear 2.93 Gross Margin %: (2012)
Under Armour 47.9
Nike 43.4
Adidas 47.7
Columbia Sports Wear 42.9 Net Profit Margin: (2012)
Under Armour 7.02
Nike 9.21
Adidas 3.53
Columbia Sports Wear 5.98 Current Ratio: (2012)
Under Armour 3.58
Nike 2.98
Adidas 1.57
Columbia Sports Wear 4.45 Working Capital: (2012 $M)
Under Armour 651
Nike 7,666
Adidas 2,503
Columbia Sports Wear 871 Inventory Turnover: (2012)
Under Armour 2.97
Nike 4.5
Adidas 3.13
Columbia Sports Wear 6.53 Debt/Equity: (2012)
Under Armour 0.06
Nike 0.02
Adidas -
Columbia Sports Wear - Ratio Analysis Free Cash Flow: (2012 $M)
Under Armour 1.4
Nike 1,302
Adidas 508
Columbia Sports Wear 98 Ratio Analysis ROE: (2012)
Under Armour 17.72
Nike 21.98
Adidas 9.9
Columbia Sports Wear 8.91 Management Discussion & Analysis North America vs. Foreign Countries Seasonality Under Armour has grown rapidly into a market filled with more mature companies. It has the ability to continue to grow as people seek healthier life styles. However, the higher performance products might cause it to lose some business as its selling price is higher than competitors. Under Armour has the ability to grow into a large company and continue to pursue excellence.
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