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Filling the Sales Funnel

No description

Stephanie Morse

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Filling the Sales Funnel

It's a simple question:
Lead Generation is About Awareness
To generate awareness, you must first gain people's interest by differentiating your product or service.
It's Time to Simplify the Answer!
Lead Generation must be constant ...
Grow with Business Development Systems:

The third way to generate leads is through strategic alliances. Make the right connections and nurture them to aid your business.
Grow Direct:

The final way to generate leads is to do lead generation marketing. Basically, it's marketing programs designed to generate leads by building awareness and generating interest.
Determine what makes your product or service unique and use that in all of your messaging.
Once a lead is interested, they aren't necessarily ready to buy. Stay in contact and build a relationship through value-added content.
If you want to generate more leads, visit us at
How do I create more leads?
The secret to generating more revenue isn't making more sales...
The secret to more revenue is....
generating more leads!
ABF: Always Be Filling
The secret to generating more leads is to focus on AWARENESS and INTEREST
So, where do you start?

The first way to generate leads is to think organically.

Can you find ways to ignite the passion of your current customers?
How can you build community with them and give them reason to tell others?

If you don't have a way/reason for your current satisfied customers to make their friends aware of you, START HERE. Be strategic and make it fun.

The second way to generate leads is known as guerrilla marketing. In the social-digital era that's using cool new tools to generate awareness. But, it's not a form of selling. It's really a form of giving. It's cost effective, but most time intensive.
Client Generation
Qualified Sales Opportunity
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