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National Voter Registration Act

No description

holly mcdonnell

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of National Voter Registration Act

National Voter Registration Act When it happened The national registration act established in 1993 What led up to the Act voter registration was low & congress was concered. This act was to encourage more people to register to vote Who was involved First brought up by Frances Piven & Richard Clowardvin the early 1980s. Bill Clinton signed May 20,1993 They proposed the idea in reaction to the Reagan administration. Why the Motor Voter Act is Important: This event allowed recipients to apply to register to vote easily & it encouraged voters as well. It also gave opportunity to register/decline voting among Americans. Public Affairs: Passed by house on February 4th,1993. Passed by Senate on March 17th,1993. Signed into law May 20th,1993 by President Bill Clinton. by: Chris Zawitoski & Holly McDonnell
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