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Adolescent Development Case Study

No description

Autumn Russell

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Adolescent Development Case Study

Autumn Russell Adolescent Development
Case Study Far into physical development
Very far into the transition from childhood to adulthood
Example: reached her full height Physical Female
17 years old
11th Grade
Been in the country 3 years
2 years in Grand Forks Background information Understanding of
abstract ideas Cognitive Fully realized stage 4 (see Social slide)
Entering and living within stage 5 (see Identity slide) Emotional Social Skills and Interactions
Erikson's Stage 4: Industry vs. Inferiority Social Sense of Self
Erikson's Stage 5: Learning identity vs. Identity diffusion Identity Changes in physical development Student has slight understanding of abstract ideas
Language barrier creates difficulty
Example: English Cabin assignment Erikson's Stages Student works well alone
Has many friends
Interacts easily and often with others
*Generally only interacts with other Nepali students Student finds her sense of self within her culture and religion
More comfortable around students with similar ethnic background
Example: Building Bridges and favorite foods Questions?
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