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Crazy Horse

No description

Courtney Holland

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Crazy Horse

Early Life
Born between 1838 and 1840
Born by the Black Hills
Member of Oglala Band of the Lakota Sioux
First name was Curly Hair
Crazy Horse
Rattle Blanket Woman
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse's Name
First Name - Curly
Had curly hair instead of straight
Hair was brown, not black like the others
Second Name - His Horse Looking
After he caught a wild horse
Third Name - Crazy Horse
Went to battle with the Arapahoes
Curly was only 13
In honor of his war deed, his name was changed to Crazy Horse
Base of His Feelings Toward White People
Grattan Massacre (1850s)
Chief Conquering Bear
Crazy Horse saw Conquering Bear get shot
Killed because of a migrant's cow
Little Hawk, Crazy Horse's Brother, was shot by the white men
Daughter killed by white man's disease
Caused a lifetime of distrust for whites
High Back Bone (Hump)
Great Minneconjou-Oglala Warrior
Made Crazy Horse's 1st bow
Taught him
Ways to hunt
The warpath
To have wise, calm words in bad times
First a man appeared to him on horseback
The man wore a single eagle figure and plain garments
A small stone was tied behind one of his ears
The man's instructions was to not wear a war bonnet or tie up his horse's tail
Also before going to battle to rub dust all over his body
His death was not to come from an enemy, but in his people's arms and he was never to take trophies in battle
Crazy Horse soon realized this man was him
The Second Treaty of Fort Laramine - August 1868
Treaty allowed indians possession of the Dakota territory west of the Missouri River
Until gold was discovered in the Black Hills in 1874
Government forced the indians to go to reservations
Crazy Horse refused, and took his people deeper into the hills
Battle of the Rosebud - June 17, 1876
Crazy Horse teamed up with The Cheyenne
Launched surprise attack on Crook
General George Crook - One of the whites who forced the indians off their land
Crook retreated
Why Crazy Horse Hated Red Cloud
Chief Red Cloud - Oglala Band of the Lakota Sioux
Red Cloud told the people he did things for them, but honestly he did them for himself
Red Cloud wanted power
Signed treaties with the white people
Red Cloud did not approve of Crazy Horse for his niece, Black Buffalo Woman
Black Buffalo Woman
Married to No Water
Ran away with Crazy Horse
Later returned to No Water
No Water
Shot Crazy Horse because he stole Black Buffalo Woman
Black Shawl
Crazy Horse's Wife
Crazy Horse's only child
They - Are - Afraid - Of - Her
Died as a young child from Cholera
Fetterman Massacre
December 21, 1866
The Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho indians vs. 81 army men under the command of William J. Fetterman
Crazy Horse was sent with other younger indians as decoys
Crazy Horse brought the 81 army men to the group of indians
Where all the army men were killed
Battle of Little Big Horn
June 25,1876
Southern Montana's Little Big Horn River
Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer vs. Indians led by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull
Marked the most decisive Native American victory
Crazy Horse's Role in The Battle of Little Big Horn
Sitting Bull stayed with women and children
Crazy Horse led almost 3,000 indians to attack
Custer and all of his men were killed
Crazy Horse's Death
Surrendered May 1877
Died September 5, 1877
Fort Robinson
Stabbed by a Soldier's Bayonet
Led an incredible life
Refused to be photographed
Fought throughout his life to regain the land
Sitting Bull left but Crazy Horse continued to fight
A monument is being built in memory of Crazy Horse
If you were in Crazy Horse's spot would you continue to fight or leave? Why?
Which side would you take the Indians or the Whites? Why?
Do you think the Indians had a right to fight for their land? Why?
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