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8 Functions of Marketing

No description

Maya Thomas

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of 8 Functions of Marketing

The Apple Store
New Idea
Apple commercials play constantly showing the many features of Apple products.
Through their websites customer support page Apple users can describe problems with a device and have choices like..
Talking to a customer service representative
Or getting a new product
Or they can locate their nearest Apple store and get help.
Marketing Information Management
Apple workers use information from the Marketing Management to improve products efficiency and the look.
Product/ Service Management
Apple Products are made overseas by hand and shipped to the U.S to be sold.
Channel Management
Apple products are for everyone and very easy to use.
Money & credit cards are accepted when buying any Apple product.
Apple Products are sold world wide and all over the United States.
Apple Products are also sold in store like
Best Buy, Walmart,Target and retail stores.
Prices vary depending on when the product is released.
For iPhones the price depends on if you are buying the product with or without a contract.
Celebrity spokesmen advertise Apple products and that could have an effect of teens buying the product.

Maya & Hannah

Apple products include
Apple employees need to be knowledgeable about the programs for each product. They also have to train a customer how to work with their products.
If a product has a minor malfunction they have to correct the issue or give the customer a new product. ( for phones it has to be under warranty)
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