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Household robots

No description

Jessa Bokhoven

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Household robots

HOUSE HOLD ROBOTS By: Jessa Bokhoven, Caroline Henry, Sarah Killoren, and Grace Fisher Sensors on the Robot The household robots have sensors that send out sound waves that help it "see". It is similiar to how bats see in the dark. Will be voice controlled. Robots of the Future Programed to do more than one thing Advantages Work faster and more efficient What function does this robot perform?
What human task simulate or do? *Terrain in a house could interfere with the robot moving about
*Getting lasting power without a cord
*Could misfunction and not work like it should Be able to make decisions and be independant The robot is a floor cleaner. The floor cleaner can go at the press of a button and it will go around the room and clean the floors. This robot takes the place of you mopping the floor. It cleans the floor until it runs into a wall and then it will move so that it is not being blocked by a wall, door, etc. It will keep moving until you stop it. Household robots are usually used in the home, but some are multifunctional and some can be used outside of the house. That's all folks! (:
The iRoomba perform its tasks by computers. So once they know how to do something they are ready to work. You just have to set them up and put it in their flash drive for them to remember. The iRoomba sends out sensors so that if there is anything in front of it the iRoomba will know before it hits it and backs out of the way. Impact on us that robots have Robots could make life easier for someone who is busy. For example, a robot that helps clean will greatly effect the life of a busy person who might not clean as thoroughly because of their hectic schedule. They then have more time to do other work or have more free time to do what they want. What type of jobs/careers can thisrobot
create to provide employment for people? This robot can make jobs for people who build and engineer with robotics. They can help build the robots on assembly lines or wherever they are built. It can also employ people by providing jobs for people who will research and help modify the robot to improve it. People can also be employed to advertise this robot. They can go out and make commercials for it to advertise to the public. People will need to act in the commercials so that could be another job for people. The jobs that this one invention could make are a lot! How is the robot taught to perform its task? Is the robotic end effector multi-functional? If so, what other tasks can it perform?
The iRoomba is not very multifunctional. Its it can vacuum on its own. it turns on its own anyway, right or left. The iRoomba sends out sensors so that if there is anything in front of it the iRoomba will know before it hits it and backs out of the way. It does this while it cleans. Where are household robots used? Disadvantages *Robots do the work so you don't have to since they're
willing to do it for you
*Saves money in the long run
*Can add pizzazz to daily life
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