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"Kumak's Fish"

Day 1-4 whole group

Luke Bergeson

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of "Kumak's Fish"

Kumak's Fish Day 1 How can we achieve goals? Turn to pg. 90-91 What goals are some of the children trying to achieve in these photos? They probably had a plan to reach their goal. Let's add Work together, Plan, and Let friends help to our concept map. Find the photo of the children rehearsing a play. What goal are they trying to achieve? How can people achieve their goals? Amazing Words brainstorm design collaborate Write this week's Amazing Words. Listen for this week's Amazing Words as
I read "This Is a Park Your Community Built." This story tells how many poeple had to collaborate to build a community park. What does collaborate mean? work together How do people collaborate to raise money for a community park? How do they collaborate on construction day? What jobs are easier if people collaborate? Phonics Read these words. lists wishes parties Each is a base word with a plural ending. Today you will learn to spell and read words
with the endings -ed, -ing, -er, and -est. greatest When I see a word with an ending, I break it into parts. greatest First, I read the base word. Then, I put the parts together to read the whole word. Endings such as -est change the meaning of the word. For example, greatest describes something that is the most great. use using used hop hopping spend spending spot spotted warm warmest happy happier shine shiniest paint painted Turn to pg. 92. Each word on this page has an added ending. In the first word I cover the ending -ing
and see that the final e was dropped from
the base word use. I say the base word together with the ending to read the word using. Comprehension Read pg. 95, "Nalukataq, the Blanket Toss." Keeping the events of the passage in order helps me remember the day clearly. I read the second paragraph to see what happens first, visiting and feasting. I noticed the clue word Then. That told me what follows next- games. When I read the paragraph about how Nalukataq is played, I picture it in my mind. I see about 15 people in warm clothes and boots. They form a cirlce, holding onto a heavy blanket. I see a person jump onto the blanket. This is the jumper. Then I see the 15 people flip him into the air and let him fall back on the blanket. Reader's and Writer's Notebook Vocabulary http://quizlet.com/_89hnc parka a jacket with a hood Use this word in a sentence. I wore a parka because it was cold. Practice Workbook Other Tall Tales... Day 2 How can we achieve goals? As we read "Kumak's Fish," think about what it took for the man in the story to achieve his goals. Read these sentences from "This is a Park Your City Built." Once you have money and a name, you have to decide what exactly should be in the park.
You can look at other parks to help you brainstorm some ideas. What does brainstorm mean? to think about ideas or a plan Why does the author tell the reader to look for other parks? for good examples and new ideas What does the author say are the steps to building a park? First, get money and a name. Second, look at other parks to get ideas. Third, decide what should be in a park. What happens first, second, and third? Amazing Words Read and write this word. funds Look on pg. 90-91. What are the children in the top picture doing to raise funds? Why would people need to raise funds to build a park? funds - sums of money set aside for a certain purpose How might our class raise funds? What might we do with the funds? Phonics -ed, -er, -est, -ing Read these words. larger crying prettiest slower thinning happened asked nicest Read and write each sentence. The girls picked out the prettiest dress. He was smiling when he watched the performance. The bank was bigger than the biggest building in town. Read the following words. played sitting shaking user fastest belated kindest hopped facing hurried bigger escaped Vocabulary Read "First Snow" on pg. 97. Sometimes we come to a word we don't know and we can't use context clues to figure it out. That's when we can use a dictionary or glossary. Go to www.wordcentral.com. I hiked from the picnic area to see the splendid blue lake. If I didn't know what splendid meant,
it would be hard for me to use context clues
to come up with a definition. Type splendid into your online dictionary
and tell me what it means. Now I know the author hiked to the
picnic area to see a beautiful and
brilliant lake. Write this sentence. We tossed our gear into the car and set out for camp. Look up gear and find which definition makes sense in this sentence. Let's reread "First Snow" and write the
definition, pronunciation, and syllabication
for each lesson vocabulary word. Day 3 How can we achieve goals? Today we will continue reading "Kumak's Fish." Think about how the people pull together to finally catch the fish. Reread this sentence from "Kumak's Fish." Everyone in the village knew of Uncle Aglu's amazing hooking stick. Aglu had carved it many years ago out of a piece of fine willow, and each spring he caught more fish than anyone in the village. What does willow mean? a kind of tree What did Uncle Aglu do with the piece of willow? used it to make his fishing stick Why does the author tell us ahout the amazing fishing stick? to help us predict what might happen Replace the key word in the sentence with synonyms. Everyone in the _________ knew of Uncle Aglu's _________ hooking stick. Amazing Words Read and write this word. announcement Yesterday we learned that Kumak got up one spring morning and looked out the window. Then he made an
announcement. He said, "Good day for fish!" After Kumak's family began catching fish, they repeated Kumak's announcement. What did they say? What announcement might Kumak make at the end of the day? What kind of announcement might you hear during the school day? Phonics Today we will sort words by their ending. -ed -ing -er -est asked asked using using larger larger fastest fastest hurried hurried crying crying slower slower nicest nicest happened happened thinning thinning bigger bigger prettiest prettiest Day 4 How can we achieve goals? Read these 4 sentences. Kumak and his family sat for a long time. They were quiet. They were patient. They sooped away the ice growing around their fishing holes. What does patient mean? able to wait calmly for something that you want What context clues are there in the surrounding sentences that could help you understand the meaning of patient? sat for a long time;
were quiet Amazing Words Read and write this word. enthusiasm Why did the people jump up and down with enthusiasm when Kumak started to twitch? they were excited about the big fish To have enthusiasm is to have lots of excitement. When you are watching sports, how do you show enthusiasm for your favorite team? cheer loudly Phonics plurals -s, -es, -ies cakes buckets

batches coaches

pennies tallies Last week, you studied plurals like this that end in -s, -es, and -ies. When I read a word I look to see what ending was added to make it plural. Raise 1 finger if -s was added to form the plural. Raise 2 fingers if -es was added to form the plural. Raise 3 fingers if the "y" on the base word was changed to an "i" and then -es was added. juries watches strawberries apples foxes pajamas benches noodles histories buses pennies calendars Fluency Read these words. monster napkin winter midsummer together gossip muffin picnic supper toward gotten contest midnight sister's neighbor check tunnel kindness problem please
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