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ITEC - Argentina Country Paper

No description

Anabella Ruiz

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of ITEC - Argentina Country Paper

I. Socio-economic background,mn.m.m

II. Institutions working for the development of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

III. Policy Instruments - the Local System of Production Programme (Ministry of Industry) and the Local
Production Network Programme (Ministry of Labour) -

IV. Linkage between Universities and SMEs. The case of Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata

V. SMEs challenges

I. Socio-Economic Background
President: Cristina Fernandez
de Kirchner
Travel around Argentina - Imagine a country that has it all
May be you know us because of our...

Indian Technical & Economic
Cooperation Programme
Cluster Development Executives Programme
General Background
Some statistics
National Institutes of Technology
Policy Instruments
Target Population
Financial and Technical Assistance
Ministry of Industry
Secretariat of Small and Medium Enterprises (SEPyME)
groups of 5 or more SMEs from a particular sector -or value chain- located in the same region

Local Systems of Production Programme
Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security
Secretariat of Employment
producers and entrepreneurs organizations
Local Production Network Programme
local governments
Location: South America
II. Institutions working for the development of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Argentinian SMEs
they are a critical engine of the nation industry and employment
the definition of SMEs is related to their annual revenue
99% of total enterprises
60% of employment
40% of total GDP
III. Policy Instruments
603.000 enterprises
source: http://www.industria.gob.ar/pymes/

of Industry
of Economy
of Labour
of Science
of Agriculture
International Organizations
Main objectives
IV. Linkage between Universities and SMEs.
The case of Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
Main objectives
Activities with several agencies
Future projects
(after CDEP)
V. SMEs Challenges in Argentina
To incorporate Research and Development activities.

To expand the linkages with technological institutions and universities in order to introduce new technologies and innovations.

To develop productive sectors of medium and high technology (actually most sectors are low technology sectors).

To create differential products, those with high added value.

To increase technical and management capabilities of its workers.

To register employment.
Anabella Ruiz: ruizanabellaflorencia@gmail.com
Consuelo García: garciamariaconsuelo@gmail.com
Andrea Belmartino: andreabelmartino@gmail.com
Thank you
Entrepreneurship Development
Institute of India
LPN finances:
Capital Goods: machinary, equipment, tools
Row materials
Training sessions
Technical assistance
Infraestructure adecuacy
General Background
Maximum amount per project: 700.000 ARS / 80.000 USD
Main Objectives
Regional and Sectorial Distribution of LSP Projects
Common Use Equipment: tractor and implements
Agricultural Services Centre
Inputs Bank: seeds, fertilizers, pesticedes
Trainning Sessions: Agricultural Best Practices, Marketing, etc.
Support in the foundation of the Local Sector Association (2005)
Workshops with SMEs members of the Association
Coordination of students' internships
Example: Textile Sector
Industrial Park
62 firms (food, metalmechanic, chemical, etc.)
Informatical & Technological Park
Proyect is being carried out
External Trade
Cluster Development: Potencial Sectors in Mar del Plata
Trade Balance
Source: Argentinian Chamberse of Commerce (Year 2012)
Source: Argentinian Chamberse of Commerce (Year 2013)

Case Studies
Technical Assistance: agronomist
The LSP Programme has 4 components:
Implementation of LSP Programme
Number of projects: 207

SMEs involved: 3.708

Job creation: 16.234

$: 4.069.767 u$s =
35.000.000 ARS
Associativity Plans for Productive Development

Non-Refundable Grants for investment projects to pre-existent groups of SMEs

Plans and Projects to strengthening Cooperatives

Projects to Strengthen Local Systems of Production

Wood and - Products not standardized - Install a wood dryer
Furniture and lack diversity designs place to dry the lumber
- Quality and product design,
painting and polishing

Biotechnology - Difficulties to export to - Install a common
European markets laboratory with
technology to satisfy the
international market
requierments and achieve
quality standars

Association as a
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