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MS in Digital Media Marketing

No description

Thuong Le

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of MS in Digital Media Marketing

"By 2017, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will spend more money on information technology (IT) than their Chief Information Officer (CIO) counterparts"
Laura McLellan (Gartner senior analyst)
Master of Science in
Digital Marketing & Media

Various trends...
Two-way media on the rise
Digital and mobile media in the lead
Market leaders are digitally and analytically savvy
Marketing efforts increasingly in digital channels
New media data widely leveraged
Quantitative and analytical skills emphasized
Predictive tools to capture insights
Experimental innovation fund in place
Low organizational barriers and progressive culture
More likely to be considered digitally savvy
Booz Allen Hamilton
CMO = new CIO
Shifting advertising landscape
Internet: growing fast and steadily as an advertising medium
Other conventional media (e.g., TV, radio, magazines and newspapers): stagnant or in decline
...same implication
Growing Demand
Focus on recruiting and training talent
not just building technical capabilities
Digital Marketing Skills in Demand
Marketing jobs: no longer the same
Not-so-conventional responsibilities
Inadequate Supply
MBA with Mktg/IMC concentration
Designed for breadth, MBA programs have limited room for in-depth coverage of vast array of tools and analytics plus strategy
Master of Science programs
Designed for depth
Variety in their focus
Based primarily in either school of business or communication/journalism
Most offline, some online
Conventional Media
EasternMichigan*°, GoldenGate°, Northwestern, UNebraska°
Drexel, UTDallas*, FloridaState, NorthCarolina°, NYU°
West Virgina°, U of Denver
Notes: ° Online program; * Business school program
MS Integrated Mktg Comm.
School of Journalism
MS Integrated Mktg Comm
MS Integrated Mktg
MPS New Media & Internet Marketing
University College
MA Integrated Media Comm
MS Integrated Mktg Comm
MA Technology & Comm
MS Mktg
MA or MS on digital media
Primary focus: media design & production, technology, and public policy
Little, if any, coverage of business & marketing
Rooted in pre-Internet era
"Integrated"= advertising + promotion + PR, etc.
Some coverage of digital media
Programs outside business schools
Non-AACSB accredited schools
Currently NO program from AACSB accredited schools
Notes: ° Online program; * Business school program
Notes: ° Online program; * Business school program
Not "all aboard" the digital bandwagon
In uncharted territory, maturity can be an advantage
Focus on graduate programs
Digital future is already here
How is this need for marketing education being met today?
Focus of program
Mastery of digital media, toolsets and marketing processes
Proficiency in marketing analytics
Command of marketing strategy formulation and execution
Delivery format
Distance Learning to overcome distances to markets
Thank you for your attention
Fundamentals of marketing, communication & information technology
MKTG6220 Integrated Mktg Communication
BUAD6800 Info Technology & E-Business
MKTGxx10 Online Buyer Behavior
Comm6220 Communication, Technology & Society
Digital marketing tool sets, processes & analytic
MKTG6520 Mktg Research in Big-Data Era
MKTG6530 Search Marketing
COMM6330 Digital Content Design & User Engagement
Big picture: how everything fits together into overall business model & marketing strategy
MKTG6540 Contemporary Issues
MKTG6340 Customer Relationship Mgmt
MKTG6320 Mobile Commerce & Marketing
MKTG6560 Digital Business Models, Mktg Strategies & Capstone Project
IOTM6x10 Current Development in Digital Tech
Prerequisites for non-business undergraduates
MKTG5140 Marketing Systems
BANS5210 Economics for Business Decisions
OPMT5510 Applied Business Statistics
ACCT5300 Financial & Managerial Accounting
Southern New Hampshire U°, New England College°
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