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Lion Behavior

No description

Eva Andersen

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Lion Behavior

Lion Behavior
The Lion (Panthera leo)
The African Lion is a large predatory mammal native to Africa. Lions are apex predators. Lions are considered threatened by conservationists.
Social Behavior
Lions are very social animals and do many things for the benefit of the pride. The best example of this is most lions in a pride have cubs at the same time. All of the mothers nurses each others young. Another example of social behavior is Lions grooming other members of their pride.

Denver Zoo Lion Habitat
The Denver zoo's lion enclosure features 10-foot tall mounds for lions to survey their surroundings, electric hot rocks for warmth and a separate maternity den for mothers and future cubs.
The exhibit is a really nice exhibit that is almost perfect. The only improvements needed is an expansion to allow for increased exercise for the lions. A secondary improvement would be the addition of more trees to provide additional shade in the summer.
Group Behavior
Learned Behavior
Works Cited
Many believe the lion is a solitary hunter, when in reality it is a group hunter. Lion's strive when in groups (called a Pride) and rarely live on their own. Most lions will live within a Pride. Most male lions need a Pride to survive because it can be difficult to hunt after their mains are fully grown. This is why females do most of the hunting. The main role of males in a pride is to protect females and young ones. The main role of females in a pride is hunt, protect, and defend.
Sexual Behavior
A Behavior that
increases the chance of
passing your
genes to the next
Male lions with longer, thicker, and darker manes tend to get more mates than those with smaller manes.
lions tend make a "huffing" sound to attract a mate and signal they are ready for mating.
A female lion pees on multiple objects to attract a mate.

Some learned behaviors of the lion include:
Mating with other lions, protecting their territory and the pride's cubs. Another very important learned behavior is hunting. At 3 months they go along hunts with their mothers and watch them from a short distance. At about 10 months they are ready to go and try it out themselves.
A behavior that is preformed by the individual within the group that has a specific role to play for the benefit of the group
A behavior that is preformed by the entire group for the benefit of the entire group; or by the individual alone for the benefit of the group.
Innate Behavior
Lions are very sociable animals, unless they are hungry, or looking for prey. Lions are said to be one of the most skillful hunters in the cat family. Lions prefer to hunt in the evenings and mornings, when its cool, because they need to save energy since they have smaller hearts.
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