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Writing for Social Media: Twitter

No description

Eric Wilkens

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Writing for Social Media: Twitter

Engagement: Responding, Part I
Engagement: Mentions and Retweets
Writing for Social Media: Twitter
Content: Statements & Questions
Content: Quoting
Keep the conversation going
Puts a human touch to an online platform
Shows personality, warmth
Engagement: Hashtags
Allows users to group messages & contribute to a singular discussion
If you hashtag something, your Tweet will be added to a thread of other tweets that also use the hashtag
Contributes to global conversation about a topic
When you mention an agency, organization or public figure in a Tweet, that entity will receive your Tweet in their "Notifications" tab
Nearly every agency, organization & public figure has a Twitter account
Agency, organization or public figure may respond to your Tweet through a Retweet or Mention
Engagement: Responding, Part II
When you Tweet directly at someone, that Tweet only comes up in the feeds of users who follow both you and the person you are directly Tweeting at
If you put a period before your @ mention, your Tweet shows up in the feeds of all of your followers.
If you don’t put a period before your @mention, your tweet is considered conversational and only shows up on your stream, the stream of whoever you Tweeted at, and those followers you both have in common
Teasing followers into clicking a link
Statements give an outline of what you are linking to
Followers want answers
Simplify, simplify, simplify
Only 140 characters available, so shortening quotes is key
What is the main takeaway?
You are not teasing the link, rather giving broad sense of article/content
Mentions & Retweets
Allows opportunity for response and mentions
Pertains to Tweeting research articles, translations
People want to communicate with other people, not robots
Eric Wilkens
Social Media Coordinator and Writer
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Princeton University
July 15, 2014
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