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julie sippola

on 20 February 2012

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Transcript of Weather

Weather Water Cycle http://www.footprints-science.co.uk/flash/states.swf Know these terms:
evaporation, condensation, precipitation Clouds http://www.media.pearson.com.au/schools/cw/au_sch_whalley_sf1_1/int/matter.html Stratus Low, gray clouds that look like a blanket. Weather associated with stratus clouds-
Light rain, drizzle, flurries, overcast High, wispy clouds. Weather associated with cirrus clouds-
good weather Cirrus Cumulus White, puffy clouds. Weather associated with cumulus clouds-
fair weather Cumulonimbus Tall clouds that are dark at the top and sometimes have an anvil shape. Weather associated with cumulonimbus clouds-
Rain, thunderstorms, hail, wind Weather Patterns Weather generally moves from west to east. So, if it is raining at my house in Indiana when I leave for school, what will the weather likley be at Amity when school starts? Weather Instruments rain gauge-measures the amount of fallen precipitation Barometer measures air pressure wind vane-indicates the direction of the wind Anemometer measures wind speed Thermometer measures thermal energy Clouds Sundog How do weathermen know if it's overcast or scattered clouds outside? 1.Clear – no clouds 2. Scattered – 1/4 covered 4. Mostly- 3/4 covered 5. Overcast – fully covered What tools do we use to measure the weather conditions? Let's go back to the 3 states of matter for a minute Some EXTREME weather and a little more... 3. Partly cloudy 1/2 covered http://www.fossweb.com/modules3-6/WaterPlanet/activities/evaporation.html Evaporation
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