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Leonardo Fibonacci

No description

Renee Schley

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Leonardo Fibonacci

Leonardo Fibonacci
Introduction to Leonardo
Leonardo Bonacci also known as Fibonacci,Leonardo of Pisa,Leonardo Fibonacci and Leonardo Pissan Bigollo was an Italian mathematician,and was considered to be "the most talented Western mathematician of the middle ages."
Fibonacci lifespan was from (c.1170
to c.1250) and he was born in Pisa,Italy
and died there too his age when he died was about 80 years old
Historic Events that happened during he's lifespan
-The English and the French 1194-1337
-Mongol Wars 1214-1902
-The Crusades
-The Kingdom of Jerusalem fell into the hands of Saladin 1187
- Assassination of Thomas a' Becket in Canterbury Cathedral 1170

Even though Fibonacci was born in Pisa,Italy He studied academics and mathematics in Arabia,Sicily, Egypt, Syria and Greece
Occupation,Martial and Family
-Mother:Nothing was said on her therefore we don't know who she is.
-Martial:Nothing was said on a wife and children so I drew to the conclusion he was single
Occupation:Mathematician and Writer

3 Contributions to Mathematics
-He stated that (x2+y2 and x2-y2) couldn't just be squares but triangles too.
-He helped spread the Hindu-arabic numerical
-The decimal position
-Liber Abaci
-Fibonacci numbers
2 Interesting events from his life time
-After Liber Abaci was published he published a small work

-He Created the 1st recursive sequence ever known in Europe

Historical events for the year 1170
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