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Copy of Head Football Coach Interview Presentation

This presenation will outline my philosophy and structure for the football program under my leadership.

Alex Kleinsmith

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Head Football Coach Interview Presentation

Coaching Staff
Community Outreach
Offensive Game Plan
Defensive Game Plan
Team Building Activities
Mark Jones
19 Years Teaching Experience
17 Years Coaching Experience
3 Years as Varsity Head Coach
Played football at Clarion University
Played football at North Hills High School, 4 year starter on the USA Today #1 Ranked high school football team in the country
What is your definition of success?
Student-Athlete centered, being an athlete is a privilege that puts academic performance in the forefront and allows for the student to learn valuable life lessons while participating in a team sport.

Coaching is an extension of the classroom, the ability to effectively convey information and motivate are essential to success.

Winning is not the most important thing, although it is very attainable with the kids that we have. The life lessons, relationships and learning commitment to someone else besides themselves far outweigh the result on the scoreboard.

Players will be asked to self evaluate themselves at the conclusion of each game. The kids know what type of effort that they gave and using this strategy can ease the blow of a loss by focusing on the good things that they did and learning from the mistakes that they made. I learned this strategy from my high school football coaches and it has served me very well.

Being a Special Educator for 19 years, I have learned that kids learn things gradually through repetition and positive reinforcement. As the Head Coach, I will set both short term and long term goals with the team, and those are the things that will be focused on after each game win or lose.

The coaching staff (mainly Head Coach) is responsible to assist all players that are interested in playing at the collegiate level.
Copies of game tapes, letters of recommendation and contact with the appropriate level schools are integral to this duty.

Junior High Coaches will be required to install the same offense and defense that the Varsity/JV are running. Continuity is vital and it will lead to confidence when the 7th and 8th graders eventually reach the high school level.

Varsity Staff
*Mark George
*Tyler Vargo
Alvie Eshelman
Frank Diani (Scouting Coordinator)
Junior High Staff
*Jeff Zelonka
*On staff at Leechburg High School

It is essential to have coaches that are in the classroom, hallway and cafeteria with the players on a daily basis.
The more the kids see their coaches, the more a trusting relationship will be developed. Also, the fringe kids that may or may not play can be encouraged to become a part of the team.
If any player is having academic difficulties, the coaches are readily available to address those difficulties by either tutoring them or getting them set up with the proper support to be successful. It has been my experience that the other teachers will actively seek the coaches out to ensure that the student athletes can remain academically eligible
-Offensive Game Plan-1 Main SetThe Toss- Double Wing
Simplicity is the main rule, easy terminology and a limited number of plays.
-Run a few plays to perfection.
-Possess the ball and control the clock

3 main fronts: 4 man, 5 man and 6 man. Front will chosen based on personnel and opponent
4 different defensive pass coverage's, based on down/distance, opponents ability and offensive set
Multiple stunts and blitzes (linebacker blitz, line slant, etc.)
Repetition, recognition and proper technique will lead to confidence and a thorough understanding.

Snow Shovel Brigade- Winter
Rake Brigade- Fall
Leechburg Pool Volunteer Day
Pie and Ice Cream day at the field right before the season starts
-Blow up bounce pit
-Face painting (Art Club)
-Free Pie or Sundae
-Invite Band/Cheerleaders to perform routines
There is no “I” in the word TEAM
Video game tournament
Leechburg Pool night
Camping trip
Bowling night
Drive in movie night

Clarion River Canoe Trip
Local college football game
Ropes Course
Dave and Busters

Youth Development
Start up Flag Football Program again
Include 3rd through 6th grade, boys and girls
Every Saturday at the field during the season, skills practice and flag football games led by players and adult volunteers
Opportunity for football players to gain community service hours
Will create interest and excitement amongst the future players in the program

Off-Season Conditioning and Weight Training
Weight Lifting 4 Days a week, workouts designed and supervised by coaching staff.
Plyometric (high and low impact) training and Running will be infused into these workouts.
Summer schedule will be put in place and tailored to meet the needs of all of the players, meaning that we have many kids that work, so the weight room will be available at different times.
No more than 4 days a week (these are high school kids and need time to be a kid)

In Closing
I think that the football program is a vital part of the Leechburg Community and I believe that God had blessed me with the knowledge and desire to lead this program into becoming a respected competitor. THANK YOU for your time and consideration!
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