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Question 4 - Who would the target audience be for your media product?

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Humzah Sarwar

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Question 4 - Who would the target audience be for your media product?

Who would the target audience be for
your media product? A notorious don, during the 1920s he was responsible for smuggling, bootlegging of alcohol and alot of other illegal things during the prohibition era. This affects my target audience because if people knew of him and alot of people, especially men would have wanted to be in his shoes with the reputation he had. People who are interested in gangster movies would love our film. Alot of the audience wanted to be like this man, if any movie was along the same lines as this film people would be queing outside the cinemas to watch it. These pictures are displaying the variety of people who could be our target audience as isnt jsut one group of people who may be interested in our film. Meaning not just men will be watchin our film because some women may have the same interests, nobody is to be discriminated into who can see the film or not. Robert De Niro is the legend of the gangster category, he has starred in nearly every film. He is a main attraction to the audience, once they here his name in any film people would rush to see it as he is a high status actor. If the films have any similarities the audience would be more interested in seeing how the same message is sent across but portrayed differently. Audience research Our target audience would be interested in a movie which builds up tension, suspense and which has a purpose.
In a thriller film suspense is the key item for a good movie, without suspense the film would be more in the action genre.
Our target audience would be from the age of 17+ because i think that is a reasonable age where most people are maturer and will understand the storyline alot more.
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