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No description

lily burris

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Delaware

These are somethings about Fun Land in Delaware
Fun Land is a place of awesome rides.
Fun land has been working since 1962.
People started building Fun Land in 1961.
There are more than 19 rides in Fun Land.
I think the scariest ride there is the Haunted Mansion, you can kind of tell by the name.
If you are lucky there might be a discount on tickets, that is how I like it.
Interesting things about Rehoboth Beach Delaware
Rehoboth Beach is a beach in Delaware, and if your are lucky you might see a skim boarder.
My favorite french fries are on the boardwalk, they are called Frashers french fries.
Rehoboth Beach is number ten in the top ten beaches, isn't that cool?
I think their ice cream is the best at the beach!

Things about Jungle Jim's water park in Delaware
The lazy river is really lazy.
Jungle Jim's is open at 10 am it closes between 5 and 8 pm.
It is closed in the winter.
Jungle Jim's is a water park in Delaware.
There are 2 really big and fun rides in Jungle Jim's.
There is a awesome rope climb there.
The cafe is the best cafe in a water park that I have been to.

Here are some interesting things about big waves at Rehoboth beach Delaware
There are big currents at the beach that could almost kill you.
The waves generated by wind.
The red flag means to get out of the water, because the waves are too big or there is a storm.
You should watch out for the jelly fish.
You also should look out for the jetys.

Here are some interesting things about the University of Delaware
And those are some interesting thing about Delaware
Here is the map of Delaware.

The population of Delaware is 917,092.
The state of Delaware is 2,491 square miles. Delaware is the first state in the U.S.A. Delaware was found in 1638.
Here are some things interesting things about Delaware

The Delaware girls basketball teams best player is Elena Deladonne.
The basketball team coach is Tina martin.
U.d is one of the oldest universities in U.S.A.
U.D was made in 1743.
U.D is located in Newark Delaware.
U.D is a D1 school.
U.D is one of the few collages that I have been to.
These are some sites that I found this information.

Lily Burris
Delaware-book by Jean F. Blashfield
This is a picture of Rehoboth
Beach Delaware board walk.
This is a picture
of the end of the snake
at Jungle Jim's.
This is a picture
of the sea dragon
at fun Land.
Authors note
Hi I am Lily, I go to Delaware every year. I like to play basketball, soccer, and baseball. You can probably tell I like sports. My favorite animal is a cheetah. I have a sister a dog, cat, and fish.

This is a picture of Rehoboth Beach
Thank you for watching.
Like are mustaches?
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