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Qualitative Research Software

A comparison of major software packages available.

Jacob Arndt

on 23 September 2010

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Transcript of Qualitative Research Software

Qualitative Software Jacob Arndt
PhD Candidate - Higher Ed.
Western Michigan University jarndt@kvcc.edu C A Q D A S Source: bloom's taxonomy and the digital world Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software Time spent thinking about curriculum | Total learning time Efficiency "Cognitive Overhead" Before we begin...we need to ask a few basic questions. While this software can be extremely useful, it cannot provide you with a methodological or analytical framework. All software discussed today will contain:
Content Searching Tools
Linking Tools
Coding Tools
Query Tools
Writing and Annotation Tools
Mapping or Networking Tools A comparison of leading software packages Key Elements in Most CAQDAS Packages Structure of Work Closeness to Data Explore the Data What kind(s) and amount of data do you have, and how do you want to handle it? Do you primarily want better access to your data and good note/memo making tools? Do you have a well defined methodology? How much time do you have to learn the software? Is this just one phase of a larger project? Code and Retrieve Project Management CAQDAS can aid researchers in moving beyond description to theorizing Helps with organization/ flexibility - Bringer et al. 2006 A common perception is that CAQDAS software will analyze everything at the push of a button. People analyze data, not the programs-Sin 2008 The software developed is written by coding experts, not by researchers with methodological mastery - MacMillan & Koenig 2004 15% - 20% of software users are nonacademics and as such have the most difficulty with program use - MacMillan & Koenig - 2004 And now...an espresso machine Atlas.ti Seriously...we never use it Ok Jake...lovely. How much is this stuff? Atlas.Ti
Multi-5 User License - $2,300
Multi-5 User Lease - $700/Year
Single User - $598
Student License - $99 Nvivo
Full License - $595
3-4 Licenses - 10%
5-14 Licenses - 20%
Student - $199 - 12 months only
Semester - $125 - 6 months only QDAMiner:
Multi - 5 user - $2200
Single User - $575
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