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ABC Murders

this book is about a string of murders that takes place in the 1930's. Mr. poirot is a retire detective that only picks the best cases to work on and solve. the ABC letters are mysterious and come right before a murder to tell mr. poirot when the next mur

claudia hirsch

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of ABC Murders

A.B.C Murders
The Book
Ghastly- shocking or dreadful
There were many ghastly crimes in London where, Mr. Poirot worked as a detective. Mr. Hercule Poirot In london a retired detective Mr.Hercule Poirot only interested in the most interesting crimes, is included in a string of murders by the same murderer. The murderer is sending A.B.C letters telling Mr.Poirot where the next murder will be. The murderer is caught after the fourth murder. Mr. Poirot and the team discover there were two murderers Mr.Clarke and Mr.Cust. The truth came out at the end of the book by using clues and extra people involved to help solve the mystery. The symbol of the book is the A.B.C Railraod guide left at the scene of the crime by the murderer.
The theme of the book is that something unexpected could happen to anyone.
Favorite Quote: " Yes, varies his meathods a bit doesnt he?" Symbolism: Summary: Theme: Vocab. Word /sentence The A.B.C Murders Author: Agatha Christie
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