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Lesson 06.03 Protists

No description

Michelle Shimunova

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Lesson 06.03 Protists

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Euglena Gracilis
Common Ecosystem:
Freshwater Environments
I am found in fresh and salt waters. I also bloom in numbers sufficient to color the surface of ponds and ditches green. I am very valued for secondary endosymbiotic acquiring and use of it's chloroplasts. Finally, I also have a photoautotrophic ability of carbon fixation.
1. Euglena Spirogyra-
It is found in freshwater areas.

2. Euglena Anabaena-
It is found in freshwater areas, as well.

3. E. Gracilis-
Found in fresh and salt waters.
Background (Characteristics)

I have an oval like shape. I move by a flagellum, which is a long whip-like structure that acts like a little motor. The flagellum is located on the anterior (front) end, and twirls in such a way as to pull the cell through the water. It is attached at an inward pocket called the reservoir. I can also absorb food from our environment.
Work Experience (Contributions)
I have many contributions in the environment. I am very common and inhabit fresh water environments. I also can be found in marsh lands as thick mats. Finally, I am a producer is many freshwater environments and can also be found in soils!
Lesson 06.03 Protists
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