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Comparing the creation stories

This prezi will be comparing the Aboriginal story and the Genesis story

Holly Bowden

on 17 August 2010

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Transcript of Comparing the creation stories

Creation God created the world/universe in 6 days.
On the first day the night and day was created.
On the second day the sky was separated from the water.
On day 3 God created vegetation.
On the fourth day the stars were in the sky.
On the fifth day God created and fish and animals.
On the sixth day God created Human kind in which were Adam and Eve.
On the last day God sat down and had some rest.
Aboriginal people believe that there is a spirit and his name is Guthi-Guthi. They believe that he lives in the sky and he came down to create the special land for people an animals to live in or on. In both creation stories
and both beliefs they
are a God. In the indiginous
story the have a God called
Guthi-Guthi, but we as
christians/Catholics believe in
God and Jesus.
These mythical stories
are what make life so
interesting. God and Guthi-Guthi have almost everything in common
except different names,
cultures and heritage. Stewardship is taking care or looking after something that is not yours.Which another word for that is Responsibilities. This is what i believe a creation between God and Genesis.
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