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EUTHANASIA: Mercy or Killing?

For EPPM2014 Business Communication

Kee Wei Xiang

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of EUTHANASIA: Mercy or Killing?

by KEE WEI XIANG EUTHANASIA: Mercy or Murder? DEFINITION PERSONAL OPINION The practice of killing without pain a person who is suffering from a disease that cannot be cured. Voluntary CLASSIFICATION OF EUTHANASIA TYPES OF EUTHANASIA 1. Relieves extreme pain ARGUMENTS FOR EUTHANASIA Mercy Killing Put to sleep Ending misery Murder Non-voluntary Involuntary Die with dignity conducted with the consent of the patient conducted where the consent of the patient is unavailable conducted against the will of the patient LEGALITY OF EUTHANASIA ARGUMENTS AGAINST EUTHANASIA 2. Provides relief from a low quality life 3. Optimize medical funds 4. Freedom of choice 1. Devalues life 2. A way of healthcare cost containment 3. Doctors should not directly cause death 4. The 'Slippery Slope' A is dying of incurable cancer.
A will die in about 7 days.
A is in great pain, despite high doses of painkilling drugs.
A asks his doctor to end it all. What should the doctor (YOU!) do? continues medication ends A's life EUTHANASIA! WHAT SAY YOU? WHAT'S THE RIGHT ANSWER? ACTIVE PASSIVE Doctors take an active role in ensuring that a patient dies Doctors withhold treatment to ensure the death of a patient Assisted-suicide Euthanasia should be legalised.
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