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Malcolm X

No description

zuhayb mohamed

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Malcolm X

Malcolm X
born may 19, 1925 in Nebraska
Early life
Malcolm little had a big family and he grew up very poor usually hunting for their own food.This was a time where african american people were discriminated against and had very little job choices.
Earl's Death
Malcolm's father was killed by the KKK because he believed that african americans should migrate back to Africa where they can be treated as equals.After his death his mother Louis little tried raising the eight children but she quickly went crazy.
After 8th grade he dropped out of school because a teacher told him Negroes cant be lawyers. Then he Moved to Boston with his sister ella and started working odd jobs like being a shoe shiner.
Life on his Own
Life of Crime
Malcolm moved to New york to support himself by selling drugs, burglaries, robberies, and being a pimp.
Back in his time a conk was a mixture of ingredients that made african american hair straight . He had red hair earning him the nickname Detroit Red.
In the 1940s he organized a robbery ring and they would rob people and break into homes all over the city especially in rich white neighborhoods.In 1946 the police discovered this when he tried to fix a very expensive stolen watch at a store. Him and his friend Shorty were sentenced to 8 to 10 years in prison.
Time in Prison
While in prison he took the time to educate himself and realized how ignorant he used to be. He copied every single word in the dictionary and read almost all the time. This didn't happen in the beginning though, when Malcolm first arrived he was atheist earning him the nickname Satan. This all happened because his brother introduced him to the nation of islam.
Nation Of Islam
The nation of islam is a group of people who believe white people are Devils and African Americans are descendents of a people called Shabazz and white people were created through selective breeding. They also believe in Allah but believe Elijah Muhammad is the messenger.
Release from prison
After being released Malcolm became a Minister of the Nation of Islam and tried everything to expand it. The nation of Islam later attracted attention of the government, there was often spies among them. In 1958 Malcolm married Betty shabazz another member of the nation of islam.
Joining Islam
Several years later Malcolm found out that Elijah had cheated on his wife with two other women and left the nation of islam and formed his own group called the muslim mosque inc. Later that same year he made a pilgrimage to mecca, there he realized the real islam and truly became muslim.
Malcolm was assassinated while giving a speech in Harlem, New York by three gun man from the nation of islam in february 21,1965
The book
Title: Malcolm X
Authors: Alex Haley, And Malcolm X

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