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Cause-Effect of overpopulation in China

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Petie Smith

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Cause-Effect of overpopulation in China

Cause-Effect of overpopulation in China
Jessica Southern, Petie Smith, Chris Thomas, and Sam Ackerman
Pollution Leading to Poor Health
Only 3% of Shanghai's river and lake water is clean enough for household use.
Shanghai produces around 35,000 tons of solid waste per day which adds up to 12.5 million tons per year.
The air quality index (AQI) in 2013 reached 404 in Shanghai. An AQI above 300 is considered hazardous to all humans.
The air quality has become so poor on some days that Shanghai authorities ordered schoolchildren indoors and halted all construction
This pollution brings visibility down to a few dozen meters, delays flights and obscures the city's spectacular skyline.
Crowded Cities/ Traffic
Overcrowding is mainly due to rapid urbanization and migration of people from other provinces to Shanghai.
Shanghai had 265,000 road accidents in 2008 alone due to the extreme amount of vehicles on the road
The number of deaths due to traffic accidents has increased 44% since 1998.

Background of Shanghai
Shanghai is located in East China at the mouth of the Yangtze River.
It is the largest Chinese city by population.
As of 2013, over 24 million people live in Shanghai.

Overpopulation in Shanghai
The current population of Shanghai is 24 million people as of 2013.
It has been increasing at a rate of about 3.4% since 2000.
The cause of the rising population in Shanghai is the huge amount of citizens moving from rural areas to the city.
Effects of overpopulaton
Crowded cities/ traffic
Pollution leading to poor health
Change in housing quality
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