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Eeman Amjad amjad

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Divergent

What is a totalitarian government
a totalitarian government is a government that
does not tolerate parties with different opinions
and try's to control peoples freedom, will, and thought

When was the totalitarian government formed?
The approach of this government was proposed in the 1920s and 1930s.Many had come come to a conclusion thinking that the concept of the government was due to the acts of civil war,Many people choose to unreasonable to achieve one thing = Victory
who is the head of the totalitarian government?
Joseph Stalin-after the announcement of the civil war , Stalin captured the country and proceed to execute the country's people who choose not to adjust to the country's goals and rules.
Is the totalitarian government fair ?
The nature of alike governments is not regularly related to the idea of fairness.People who live under the power of the totalitarian government say that they are not fair because they try to take authority of everything they possibly can,and not many people get there way
Totalitarian Government
what countries are under the power of the totalitarian government?
there are a few countries under their power but then main country is north Korea
Korea has been ruled by the same family since 1948 under the totalitarian government.
what happens to people who break the rule of the totalitarian government?
back in 1948 if you were to break a rule you would be hanged but in our generation the law has changed Hopefully the police will be able to uphold law and order while respecting the rights of individuals at the same time and put that individual in jail = 'the worser the crime the longer the time'
Is Canadas government the same ?
Fortunately,no we are different because
we get to voice our opinions and thought
we have human rights
we get to disagree with the canadian government
How can they be stopped ?
firstly you have to have a lot of people whom agree with you and not the government
get a significant media source who willing to voice you
and once your fight gets noticed enough the government will start to hurriedly make some changes
The totalitarian government is related to divergent because in the book there is a group called the erudite who want to take control over all the fractions but the 2 main characters decide to rebel against them.
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