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My Digital Life Graph

No description

Ingrid Mandala-Kol

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of My Digital Life Graph

Event 1: My sister gets into a coma
This happened in 2006 when we were living in Africa. One of my my sisters, who is now 16, was diagnosed with Reye Syndrome and fell into a coma when she was 6.
I rate this event a -5.
Event 3: Becoming Claustrophobic
In this event, it was 2009. I was playing downstairs with my sisters and I got stuck in a very big cover. I was freaking out and it probably took me five minutes to get out.
I rate this a -1.
Event 4: Riding in the back of a Pickup Truck
Event 5: Going to Italy
I've been to Italy more than once, in fact I've lived there. But I always enjoy visiting friends and family there. One time , in 2013, we went to visit because we hadn't n three years.
I rate these travel experiences a 4.
Event 10: Watching My Sister Get Baptized
My family is non-denominational Christian. We believe that baptism is when a person believes that Jesus is the Son of God and they confess that, and they submerge in water and come back up again recieving the remission of sins. This is very important for out religion. So it was important for me . I rate this a 5.
Event 2: Getting bit on the head by a Weiner Dog
This event happened around 2007. I was playing with a dog when it started chasing me and bit my head. This happened in Italy. I will always remember getting up and my vision was very blurry with tears.
This event is a 0.
Event 6: Grandmother Passes Away
This happened on February 18, 2015. This was my grandmother on my dad's side, so she was living in Africa.
I rate this event a -5.
My Digital Life Graph

By Ingrid Mandala-Kol
My friends and sisters were at an ice cream party with a bunch of people we know. One guy took us for a ride in his antique red pickup truck. It was very enjoyable. The wind was powerful and strong. This happened in either 2010 or 2011.
I rate this a 3.
Event 7: Meeting My Uncle for the First Time
I met my uncle this past June, 2016. It was his first time leaving Africa. He was very interested in America. He enjoyed the little features everywhere,I rate this experience a 3.
Nice to meet you.
Event 8: Home Alone With a Bat in the House
Last scholastic year on the last day of school, I was home alone with a bat in the house. The bat was a shriveled up disgusting beast looking thing. I rate this horrible experience a -2.
Event 9: Going to FCVA
I have gone to FCVA for two summers now. It is a christian summer camp that my family and I like very much. I went in the summers of 2015 and 2016.
I rate this experience a 3.
This concludes my Digital Life Graph. Thank You!
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