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Hungry Jack's v McDonald's

No description

Joseph LI

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Hungry Jack's v McDonald's

850 Restaurants in Australia
Excess 1.7 million customers per day
85,000 employees in Australia Current Position History 1971 - The first restaurant in Australia

1978 -The first Australian Drive-Thru store.

1993 -The first McCafe of the world opened in Melbourne

2003-The 100th McCafe opened in Australia. The first shop was opened in 1971.
It is the exclusive Australian master fast food franchisee of Burger King Corporation.
The name of Burger King was already trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide. History of Hungry Jack's 340 Stores
2009–2010 financial year, sales was $1.043 billion and after-tax profit was $32.1 million. 4P Analysis Advertising

Charity - RMHC

Sponsorship The Promotions of McDonald's

Focus on Australian

-AFL & NRL The Promotions of Hungry Jack's Promotions Places Products Prices 4P Ads spend Australia: $ 55 million Annual spend: US$ 2 billion Ronald McDonald House Charities McHappy Day

$1 from every Big Mac Sponsorship Activities Olympic Analysis McDonald's
- more as a fun place for children Hungry Jack's
-more as merely a place to eat Miles and Snow's 4 Business Strategies Business model innovation New business model, market and customers Children Meal Big Mac Lamb Burger Whopper Mini Spicy Chicken Tendergrill Reactors Defender Analyser Prospectors Mcdonald's Hungry Jack's Differentiation Thank you Shake and Win App More brand awareness
Fun side of Hungry Jack's
Stimulating more purchases Playland Both within Australia and throughout the world is the market leader Market follower? Market challenger? McDonald's vs Hungry Jack's Yujing ZHAO(Julia)
Zhiyun LI(Joseph) FAST FOOD
MARKET Current products New products Current arkets New markets Alternative Corporate Growth Strategies - Inappropriate image?

- Monopoly Fries -Focus on children Discussion Recommendations Recommendations for McDonald's
and Hungry Jack's strategies Products
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