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The Library RULES!


George Swan

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of The Library RULES!

Using the Library: Let's get it right!
Let's go over the rules!
1. Use shelf markers - always!
2. Don't put books upside down in the shelves .
3. Be sure you can see the spine of the book!
4. Do NOT take books off of the circulation counter.
5. Do not run or play in the library.
Putting books on hold!
Please do not have more than 3 books on hold
at a time!
If you are in the library and the book you want
is available, please do NOT put it on hold
Library computers
Use the computers in the library
for locating books and for placing
them on hold.
Use the computers for research
The computers are
used for special classes
6. Don't leave the shelves in a mess!
7. Take good care of your books
8. Return your books on time!
Eat or drink while reading
Color or mark in books
Cut or rip pages
Get books wet
Leave books out for
little brothers and sisters
to mess up!
9. Do not remove barcodes or spine labels.
Let's keep the library in great
shape! Thanks for your help.
Welcome to JO Davis
and the Library!!!
Meet our Principal and
Assistant Principals:
They are happy to be at Davis and want you
to do your very best. The are counting on you
for a successful year!
Badges are a part of your regular uniform!
Please wear them to the library!!!
Mrs. Towels
Ms. Duran
Mr. Hall
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