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The Pegasus Constellation

No description

sam alfanash

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of The Pegasus Constellation

By: Sam Alfanash Pegasus The Myth Myth continued Important stars My Myth LOCATION My Myth
cont. Pegasus was born
when Medusa was
beheaded by the hero
Perseus. Later Pegasus was tamed
by the hero Bellerophon.
One day Bellerophon got in
over his head and tried to fly to
Olympus, but Zeus sent down
an insect that stung Pegasus
which made Bellerophon fall off
and fall to Earth.Pegasus continued
Olympus though. Alpheratz right ascension :
22 hours There once was a noble steed
who would carry its passenger
through sleet or snow flood or
blizzard.One day he was walking
and saw a little eagle hatch ling
had fallen from its nest. Being the steed he is
he put the eagle on his back and started climbing the mountain.He got to the top when the parent eagle came down and transformed into Zeus himself who gave the steed wings in order to carry its passenger
no matter what the trail. When the steed died he was granted immortality in the heavens. THE END ANDROMEDA M-31 declination:
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