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Alexandra Slusarenko

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Eyes of the Dragon
Written by Stephen King
Alexandra Slusarenko
This novel took place during medieval times in the country and kingdom of Delain. The kingdom's gates, towers, and dungeon created the setting's mood.
Main Characters and their conflicts
King Roland
An evil, thin, stern faced wizard that hides himself
under a dark cloak. He tries to plunge Delain
into chaos by framing Peter.
Roland's eldest son who is a tall, slender,
handsome young man. He is framed and
imprisoned for the murder of his father.
The King of Delain who is very weak and confused.
He is poisoned by the Dragon Sand that was secretly
put in his wine.
Roland's youngest son who takes after Roland
by being slow and heavy. He always feels
overshadowed by Peter.
Once upon a time
in this book of fantasy
there was a terror...
In the kingdom of Delain, King Roland is murdered
and Peter, is framed for the crime. Peter and his
faithful friends must battle Flagg.
Imprisoned in a tower,Peter, composes a plan that takes him years to arrange. Unfortunately,Flagg, who has masterminded this act before has his evil ways...
Peter is framed and must avenge
Flagg for this and previous crimes.
Meanwhile, he's imprisoned and seen
as guilty.
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Society
Thomas struggles with the question
whether he's a good or bad person.
He saw Flagg poison Roland but can't
confess because of the wizard's capabilities.
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Self
Peter escapes from the Needle, using a rope
that took him five years to make. Him and his allies
rush to battle Flagg and soon enough
Peter is declared King.
Thomas tells Flagg that he watched
him poison Roland. He shoots Flagg's
eye and departs alongside with his butler
to find Flagg and defeat him.
"I have told you that the result
of his thought was
a decision that ran against Flagg's wishes.
I have also told you that Flagg..."

"...considered this of little importance. Was it? That you must decide for yourself, after you have heard me to the end."
I think the author's tone
is suggestive because Stephen King
foreshadows that the decision made will
play a huge part later in the novel.
"Delain was a very old kingdom and it had hundreds of kings, perhaps even thousands; when time goes on long enough, not even historians can remember everything.``
This quote shows that the era
of the setting was in medieval
times because of the countless kings.

Good triumphs over evil
The protagonist, Peter, avenged the antagonist, Flagg, by not letting him have his evil ways. Peter still had perseverance despite how hopeless his situation was.
Personal Response
This novel made me feel hateful
towards Flagg and sympathetic to Thomas.
The larger message I took
from the book is that weak
people, such as Thomas and Roland,
are manipulated by evil people,
like Flagg.
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