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Special Topics in Civil Engineering P2

CIV490 - Civil Engineering - WIN 12-13

Fatima Baballah

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Special Topics in Civil Engineering P2

Project 2 CIV490 Special Topics in Civil Engineering Objective Introduction Design 8-story reinforced concrete building based on ACI318 ultimate strength design method

Designing an 8 floor building and comparing of the 2 systems:
Slab-beam system
Flat-slab floor system. slab-beam system Common practice of design and construction is to support the slabs by beams and support the beams by columns. This is known as beam-slab construction. flat-slab floor system In some constructions ( warehouses, offices and public halls) beams are avoided and slabs are directly supported by columns. These slabs which are directly supported by columns are called Flat Slabs Specifications: Done by:

Fatima Omer baballa 1011382
Zainab Elbishari 1007815 Using ‘etabs’ and it’s powerful graphical user interface, we are to analyse and design an 8 story reinforced concrete building based on the on ACI318 ultimate strength design method, which is a method of structural design based on the ultimate strength by inelastic action of conventionally reinforced or prestressed concrete. Material Properties:
28-day compressive strength of reinforced concrete = 30 MPa
Steel yield strength = 420 Mpa

Additional features:
Two staircase opening
Two central elevators Specifications: Beams are 700 mm x 500 mm (initial size)
Columns 700 mm x 500 mm (initial size)

Thickness of reinforced concrete slab:
Slab with beams system: 140 mm
Flat slab system: 200 mm

Shear walls: 250 mm x 800 mm Dimensions Loads Wind coefficients Design Summery Design slab-beam system Design flat-slab floor system Design shear walls due wind Summary f11 Summary m11 Summary m22
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