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We Are Texas Family Literacy AmeriCorps

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Katherine Keegan

on 17 December 2018

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Transcript of We Are Texas Family Literacy AmeriCorps

What makes us unique?
Be a part of the movement!
It's more than a job
Reach. Teach. Unite.
Texas Family Literacy AmeriCorps
You've made it to the next step in your application to become a Texas Family Literacy AmeriCorps Member!

This brief presentation will orient you to our program and what it means to serve with us.
Member Benefits
In return for their service, member benefits include:
A monthly living allowance
A $5,920 AmeriCorps Segal Education Award that can be used towards college tuition or student loans upon completion of service
Free public transportation
Free Health insurance
Child care subsidies
Food Stamp Eligibility
Professional Development
Networking oppprtunities including access to our network of over 30 community partners
AmeriCorps Is...
Members Receive
High quality curriculum
Training & professional development
Teaching and nonprofit experience
Leadership development
Participation in community service activities
Opportunities to contribute to people and to the community

The Literacy Coalition hosts service members at 25 social service organizations that provide literacy services in central Texas. These partners are called 'service sites'.
Our efforts build a broad range of critical literacy skills for those in our communities who are low-literate and often most in need.
The Texas Family Literacy AmeriCorps Mission & Vision
: Our work is helping to sustainably create a measurably more literate Central Texas and a stronger network of community-based literacy program providers.
Service Sites
Literacy Coalition service members apply for placement at one of our service sites, including:
Foundation Communities
Manos de Cristo
Community Action, Inc. of Central Texas
Open Door Preschools
El Buen Samaritano
Todos Juntos Learning Center
and many more!!

Texas Family Literacy AmeriCorps
is the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas AmeriCorps program
A growing network of 35+ non-profit agencies are working together to expand quality literacy instruction for more than 12,000 people each year.
Thank you for watching! Now we would like to learn more about you!
Please click the link below to complete the Literacy Coalition's application. (Applications must be submitted within 5 business days from the date you received the link to this presentation):


Questions or comments?

Contact the Literacy Coalition's AmeriCorps Program Manager:
(512) 326-8655 x 115 or e-mail jeff@willread.org
35 central Texas Members will be working in:
Adult Basic Literacy/GED
Early Childhood
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Family Literacy (PALS)
Workforce Literacy & Job Skills Training (Career Development)

Types of Member Placement
The Literacy Coalition's program is member-focused
Ours is the only program focused only on improving literacy levels
and...you get to live in Austin!
National service members are a vital part of our country's workforce. We're looking for the best & brightest to show just how much AmeriCorps members can get done for our community.
Work in a supportive environment with on-site supervisors, peers, and agency staff to learn a broad range of nonprofit career skills
Participate in community service projects
Coordinate team building events and activities
Help to plan member events, support one another, and aid in recruitment and outreach efforts
Attend monthly trainings and peer support meetings
Member Service Projects
Literacy Coalition AmeriCorps members plan & participate in various service projects and are encouraged to collaborate & get involved with other agencies.

Service activities include:
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
9/11 Day of Service
Mayor's Day of Recognition of National Service
annual community
events, parades,
and more!
But wait...there's more!
Build teamwork skills
Start lifelong friendships
Develop your leadership skills

...but why should you choose our AmeriCorps program?
Good question!
Make your AmeriCorps experience your own!
AmeriCorps is a national service initiative in which people of all ages commit to a year of service to their country in one of four areas: disaster services, economic opportunity, education, and environmental stewardship.
About AmeriCorps
Hear it from a member:
"It's a wonderful feeling to hear back from a student who has gotten a job, a promotion, or gone to college and to know that you helped with that tremendous achievement!"
- Tanlyn, AmeriCorps member 2012-2014
Hear it from a member:
"My time with AmeriCorps becomes more and more rewarding as I continue to serve. I wouldn't trade the experience I've had for anything. "
- Liz, AmeriCorps
member 2012-2014
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