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Strike Three you're Dead

No description

fonzo moore

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Strike Three you're Dead

Strike Three You're Dead
By:Josh Berk

At the beginning, the main character and Other Mike was at mike's house. They were watching a Phillies game in Mike's backyard. Mike's dad build a cable cord that extended all the way outside. They were sitting on Mike's lawn couch. Later, the boys wanted to meet Phillies catcher Ramon Famosa.

The main character and the Mike's were on the bleachers cheering for the phillies. Then, everyone jumps out of there seat when they see R.J weathers hit the baseball with the bat. Then, R.J. Weathers runs to base 1,2,3, and as he's running to the last base he slips and falls. Next, everybody stared getting worried. So, finally the doctors run over to check on him. Then, they found out R.J. Weathers was unconscious he was also dead.
Mrs.Rhodes:She is a science teacher at Schwenkfelder
Mr.Bronzer: He is the libarian at Schwenkfelder
R.J. Weathers:He was a famous baseball player that died during a baseball game.
Other Mike and Mike: They were one of the main characters friends and they were philliefanz1.
Frank: He plays for the Phillies.
The main Character: He's a baseball player and he's a philliefan1 and he's a big fan of R.J. Weathers.
Rising Action
The rising Action is when, The main character and The Mike's were at the Philles baseball game. They came to see R.J. Weathers play and to cheer them on. They were just sitting on the bleachers and R.J. Weathers throws a ball to The main charcter. The main character looks at it and somebody scibbled on it and they whole Phillies team signed it. The main character and The Mike's were very excited.
Falling Action
The Falling Action is when, The main character and The Mike's found out R.J. Weathers died. The Mike's and The main character stared acting like detectives. They wanted to find out who and how did R.J. Weathers died. They then accussed there library teacher Mr.Bronzer of killing him because he's not a phillefan1. They were just going around accussing people in there school of killing R.J. Weathers because they weren't phillefan1.
In Conclusion, I really enjoyed this book. To me it was a little persuasive and it informed me. The people in the book still didn't give up on this mystery. The people found lots of evidence to accuse people of killing R.J. Weathers. They didn't give up, they used teamwor, and they didn't raelly communicate they just followed the leader or they would do other helpful things for the group.
One of the themes in Strike Three You're Dead is baseball. The theme is baseball ,because the book is based on a little kid that likes baseball and have a baseball roll model. The other theme is mystery. They have a big mystery to solve. The main character favorite baseball player R.J. Weathers died in the middle of a baseball game. Then, The main character and his friends worked as detectives to figure out how did R.J. Weathers die.
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