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Jerome Bruner

Constructivism in Education

Ruth Morden

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Jerome Bruner

Jerome Bruner Constructivism in Education Three Modes of Representation
(created ~1966)
1. Enactive
2. Iconic
3. Symbolic Learners construct their knowledge from their previous experiences and knowledge.
It is important that opportunities are provided for learners to construct new knowledge and new meaning from authentic experiences. None of the stages are age-specific. Discovery Learning inquiry-based
students interact with the world by exporing and manipulating objects
wrestling with questions and controversies or performing experiments
results: students are more likely to remember concepts and knowledge discovered on their own Advantages
encourages active engagement
promotes motivation
promotes autonomy, responsibility, independence
the development of creativity and problem solving skills.
a tailored learning experience
reation of cognitive overload
potential misconceptions
teachers may fail to detect problems and misconceptions
Learners are considered to be creators through the use of inquiry and the role of experience in learning.
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