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About Me

No description

Wenyi Wu

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of About Me

About Me
Immigrated to Budapest
My families are early immigrants into Hungary (1994)

They run a restaurant (not a surprise...) in Rozsadom in Buda side

Hobbies: singing and sport
Business English major in China

MBA from CORVINUS University of Budapest

MBA exchange to CEIBS (#1 business school in Asia)

Got my first job while still a student, started professional career
Work in multinational companies, Budapest

So, this is me, in various versions...
5 industries

Logistics Services, Global
Strategic Marketing Consultancy, CEE
IT & E-commerce, Europe & USA
Oil & Gas industry, Middle East & Europe
Motorcycle Production, Europe
good old memories with colleagues from everywhere...
Hungarian & Canadian colleagues
My British boss (you never understand his accent...)
They work with US&British military in Iraq and Afghanistan...
My Chinese colleagues, and they are mothers now...
They are from US, Bulgaria, Russia
Accounting department...
lots of female energy :-)
Karl Marx was my
school mate :-)
"Culture Day"
Professors from Hungary and Thailand
Friends from Pakistan
Paul, former managing director of Coca Cola in CEE, the boss, mentor and marketing guru I respect the most !!
BTW, he created Coca Cola Beach House at lake balaton, now known as Coke Club.
Our office is a 270 year old building on Andrassy ut...
And as employees, it's our serious duty to visit Coke Club to have a first hand experience on this unique brand communication strategy ! :-)
At lake Balaton
Never did this before...
My exit party, and the dressing code is White...
BTW, remember the famous thunderstorm that day? Aug 25th, 2006 - the Hungarian National Day...
This is a part of motor cycle culcure... :-)
With my Hungarian colleagues exhibiting at HungExpo motor show
And... the big day...
And... some brands I worked with...
It's a family business with my aunt and uncle.
Representing our company
in OPEC in Vienna
In our business negotiation trip to Nigeria for TSGP project, we visited some kids in the local villages, and...
one of Nigeria's top 5 politicians, and...
his security guards... :-)
some local politicians,
so we need to look "local", too! :-)
The "IT Geek" side of me :-)
after work on the office's roof garden... :-)
Office entertainment
With my international colleagues
at company sport event
my favorite
but... didn't win a lot...
Karaoke contest:
#1 in Budapest :-)
The Final contest in Spain,
organized by Phoenix TV from Hong Kong
Terry Fox Run, Budapest, raising money for cancer research in Hungary.
And he has a map of China in his office... :D
Contact me if you are looking for a candidate with:

- extensive online product strategic management experience;

- 7-year experience of strategic marketing;

- analytical & creative thinking;

- multi-cultural capability;

- friendly leadership style
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