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Unionline Sun-System Map

No description

István Molnár

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Unionline Sun-System Map

Jupiter Saturn Neptune Uranus Pluto Earth Mars Venus Mercury These are the manufacturer stations space stations build here space ships build here space equipments build here These stations use the resources and the player's daily work to produce new stations, ships, and equipments

The owners of these stations buy resources and place job offers with competitive salaries and if a player accept a job then he\she get the salary and transform an amount of resource to products depends on his\her manufaturing skill

Complete products are tradeable on the market These are the miner stations The owners of these stations can exploit resources by the player's daily work. They place job offers with competitive salaries and if a player accept an offer then he\she produce an amount of resource depends on his\her mining skill, the level of the station, and the quality of the mine, finally they get the salary for their work There are 5 types of resources: light gases, metallic matter, organic matter, fissile matter, and noble gases Resources are exploitable in any planet or moon with different efficiency For example the Earth's capabilities:
high organic matter
high metallic matter
medium fissile matter
low light gases
low noble gases Welcome in the Unionline universe

This is a short presentation to help visualize the concept of the game

Imagine that you are a curious player who recently created an account on unionline.com This is a starbase
the headquarter of the human race with high defensive value and also the center of the human federal fleet This is a trade center
players can store their tradeable goods (resources, ships, equipments) and other players can buy these things here

The owners of these stations get a small portion from every business what befall here, also the human treasury get sales tax from every transactions within the human controlled territories These are defensive structures Short, middle, and long range units Necessary to create secured trading zones First you get your spaceship

You chose the human race so your journey start at the Earth

Where is the Earth? Here And where are the other planets? Here Where are the Gas Giants? The Unionline takes place in a huge realistic 2D real-time surface But now go back to the Earth And has 100 similar sun-system to conquer and rule And the other ones? Your first thing to do is collect money

How can you get money?

You can work every day in a company

Where are the companies? Now check the other planets Mercury Medium metallic material
Low fissile material
None organic material
None light gases
None noble gases Few resources and hard to exploit
Also not in a strategic location
Not all planets are precious Venus Medium metallic matter
Low fissile matter
Low light gases
Low noble gases
None organic matter A little bit better but not an Earth Mars High metallic matter
High fissile matter
Low light gases
Low noble gases
None organic matter Maybe Earth is better but what is that? Miner stations are here
Why place players their stations here?
They think that less stations means less competition and less competition means more profit
Anyway resources are exhaustible and then miners have to move other planets and other sun-systems This cargo ship move to the Jupiter

Deliver tradewear is an alternative income source. Interplanetary transport needs only time and performed deliveries earns money How many time needed for an interplanetary way?

With a basic ship it needs 20-30 minutes between the closely terrestrial planets and hours between the gas giants

How can be faster?

With better engines, or use dark matter to make a ship temporary 2 times faster, or use dark energy to instant space jumps Jupiter High light gases
High noble gases
None metallic matter
None fissile matter
None organic matter Gas giants are far away but these are the ultimate gas sources
And they have moons... Europa Medium organic matter
Medium light gases
Medium noble gases
Low metallic matter
Low fissile matter Under the icy surface Europa's ocean hide organic materials
And there are many other moons around the Jupiter Saturn has also many moons and easily exploitable metals from its ring Uranus is so far away... And Neptune is further

Who want to colonize these planets?

Who is that? An alien ship

Maybe he prefer the outlying Neptune

And what about the Pluto? Pluto is the best place to prepare an invasion against the Earth They are already in our backroom! And even more to come! Unionline has 20 playable races and 5 factions

Different playing possibilities for different players

For playing as a peaceful trader, a brave soldier, a tricky pirate, a wealthy businessmen, a talented military commander, or a powerful faction leader If you interested and want to see more
contact me at
unionline.development@gmail.com This presentation is designed for fullscreen mode
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