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Copy of Theatre

No description

Evelyn Walker

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Theatre

Auburn Area Community Theatre
Survey Presentation

Recommendation #3
Adding familiar plays to each season
We found that many shows put on by the AACT seem to be unfamiliar to audience members
Determine a single well-known adult production to add to the year’s list.
This would fulfill the audience’s desire to see a well-known play and still allow the AACT to choose unique productions for the remainder of the season.
Recommendation #2
Increase followers on AACT Facebook page
Add Facebook page to playbills and announce it to audience members before the start of shows.
Post more frequently as well as post more visual content to maintain follower interest
Use of funds pay for sponsored ads on Facebook.
Data: Play Content
We believe the AACT should consider the limitations of their performance room.
These limitations include not having a stage and uncomfortable seating.
We recommend that the AACT search for alternative and/or additional performance spaces.
It consisted of 18 questions, including Likert-type, multiple choice and open-ended questions.

The survey was administered electronically through Qualtrics and was open from Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015 to Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015.

Only 264 respondents completed the survey
86% female
No follow-up email
Only open to public for 20 days
Demographically does not accurately represent the area
The survey link was sent to approximately 500 people through the AACT email LISTSERV.

The survey link was also posted on social media such as Facebook by the students who created it.

By: Emily, Kaitlin, Suzanne, Terra and Evvie
Recommendation #1
Changes in Venue
This study’s questions were designed to collect data to improve the overall experience of patrons of the AACT and to find ways to improve attendance at the theatre.

This survey was started by 302 people and completed by 264.
(Completion rate: 87%)
Data: Preferred Showtimes
Data: Competition
About the AACT
The AACT is a non-profit organization that exists to serve the Auburn/Opelika community.

It strives to provide an opportunity for education and participation in the world of theatre and present quality, entertaining and thought-provoking theatre experiences.

Our recommendations
Re-evaluate the venue
Increase Facebook presence
Add a more well-known show to every theatre season.
We believe all three recommendations will increase audience attendance and improve overall experiences at productions.

AACT Artistic Director Andrea Holliday collaborated with us in order to find appropriate questions for the survey
A screener question was implemented to determine if the following questions would be relevant to the participant
The final survey was published to the online survey website Qualtrics
The collected data was analyzed using p-values and cross tabulations
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