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The 3 stages of the Church

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of The 3 stages of the Church

The 3 stages of the Church
Prefigured in the Old Testamant
Abraham and Noah- God made promises with them and there descendants . When God told Noah that to build an ark the Ark is a symbol of the Church. Ekklesia is the Greek word for assembly It's used is the New Testament when God calls his people to the church.
Stage 2:Made Present During Christs Life
Incarnation: (birth of Jesus) establishes Church on Earth.
Jesus' Public Life
1. Chooses 12 apostles
2.Gives Peter authority to led the Church.
3. Preaches and miracles.
Stage 3: Made Manifest to the World on Pentecost
Pentecost: Apostles receive Holy Spirit and begin preaching to others
Apostles left to spread the the word
We got sacraments, saints, the Bible.
Our Life In The Church religion book
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