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HROB 2010

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of oprah

talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist Oprah Winfrey Moving outside of the studio, she has in-depth discussions with celebrities, leaders, newsmakers, and real-life families.

Has interviewed the Kardashian family, Stephen Colbert, George Lucas, and Olympians such as Gabrielle Douglas.

Also visits places where they practice different meditation methods. Leadership Academy

“Our educational programmes are designed for girls in Grades 7 to 12 who have demonstrated academic talent and leadership potential. We equip students with the intellectual and social skills necessary to assume positions of leadership in South Africa and abroad. “ – Oprah

The academy offers the basic courses, such as maths, science, social science, art, English, design technology, and an additional language.

In addition to these basic courses, the girls also attend classes and seminars on business sciences, life orientation, and information technology.

The young women also engage in a variety of leadership roles and community services incentives throughout their academy career Authentic
Transformational Leadership Theories Where is she now? Authentic
Three viewpoints of intrapersonal, developmental and interpersonal
Intrapersonal standpoint: A leader relies on their self-concept of their life story and how it relates to their actions
Developmental standpoint: A leader is formed by ethics and positive psychological qualities they have gained from influential events.
Interpersonal standpoint: A leader is only created through reciprocal process of leaders and followers influencing each other
. Robert Katz described it as a three-skill model, the technical skill, the human skill, and the conceptual skill.
Oprah displayed the technical skill of leadership as she led people through her confidence and stage presence.
Oprah clearly displays the human skill. She is loved by many around the world, which is evident as she hosted the uber successful show, The Oprah Winfrey Show for 25 seasons .
Oprah’s conceptual skills are recognizable by her ability to unite people in supporting various humanitarian issues, by way of her leadership, tenacity, and vocalization of issues. Skills Approach Situational Approach She has demonstrated adapting style many times on her talk show. She knows when and where to show compassion and love depending on the situation or the person she is talking to
She always is open minded and non-judgmental despite the controversial people she has had on her show.
Directive and supportive leadership styles.
She demonstrates directive leadership by always dreaming big and growing her company. (OWN) Oprah also demonstrates supportive leadership in many ways. She always praises and rewards her employees with meaningful handpicked gifts for them. Oprah has expressed that she constantly communicates with her team her vision to ensure they are on the same page and continue to stay motivated.
Known for getting her wealth by spreading her wealth. Oprah uses a lot of the coaching style to motivate her employees. Transformational Concerned with the improvement of the followers.
Factor 1: Idealized influence-Oprah is a role model for the girls because of her success
Factor 2: Inspirational motivation- high expectations of followers such as the girls going on to post secondary education
Factor 3: Intellectually stimulations- involves the followers challenging their own beliefs and the school is a great place for the girls to do so
Factor 4: Individualized Consideration- Caring environment where leaders pay attention to each follower. Oprah gave each girl their own phones to get n touch with her whenever they needed her
This selfless occasion was overcast by the events to follow. Not 11 months later, a scandal broke out at the leadership academy regarding a dormitory matron that was facing a number of charges related to the abuse of students ages 13 to 15.
Making matters worse, Oprah was later charged for defamation due to claims she made that the school’s headmistress knew of the assault all along and did nothing to prevent it.
Critics across a number of media outlets agree that how Oprah dealt with the situation was nothing short of honorable. Challenges Faced How she dealt with this challenge: Firstly, she brought in a team of professional investigators and social workers to do an internal investigation.
Upon finding out that the allegations against one of the dormitory matrons was true, she fired all the dormitory matrons and turned the alleged over to the local authorities.
She then held a meeting with the parents of the children and informed them of what had happened.
She also gave all of the girls her personal phone number and told them that she would always answer when they rang.
Finally, she held a press conference to explain what had occurred to the world and how she dealt with it. Woman said “She was emotional, she was crying when she was talking about her daughters. It is not our daughters anymore, it is Oprah's daughters,” Leaders should strive to do what is right and through Oprah’s swift actions she did so Oprah-
“All dorm matrons at the school had been dismissed,” Was born into poverty in rural Mississippi
She experienced considerable hardship during her childhood
Winfrey landed a job in radio while still in high school and began co-anchoring the local evening news at the age of 19
After becoming a hit on her local Chicago based talk show, she launched her own production company Autentic: Interpersonal As Oprah was abused as a child: “Nothing is more serious or devastating to me than an allegation of misconduct by an adult against any girl at the academy”
“It has shaken me to my core” Brent Foden, David Blampied, Davryn Raymond, Itchya Karki, Ivanela Naneva, Jessica Allen, Kathleen Mather, Liliane Wong, Michael Alford, Nathan Jones, Robyn Stalkie, Taryn Prosser, & Victoria McMillan CREDITS: Host #1 - Nathan Jones
Host #2 - Itchya Karki
Host #3 - Taryn Alexandra
Oprah #1 - Ivanela Naneva
Oprah #2 - David Blampied
Oprah #3 - Davryn Raymond
Staged Audience Members:
#1 - Robyn Stalkie
#2 - Liliane Wong
#3 - Brent W Foden
Dr. Phil - Michael Alford
News Person #1 - Kathleen Mather
News Person #2 - Mike
Applause Sign Holder - Tori McMillan
Tech Person - Jessica Allen Career Timeline 1954 2011 1986 Series finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show & launched the OWN network 2006 O Magazine released 1981 Born in Mississippi Made acting debut on The Color Purple 1985 Landed a talk show host position First boradcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show nationally
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