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Tyler Davis

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Rainforest

Rainforest Tyler Davis Mrs.Mcclain
8th period

pretty much every last rainforest has a river some are short like the Tagus are only 625 miles long while the Amazon river is up to 4,345 miles long. River are very important to the creatures of the rainforest because it is their source of water besides the rain. The river is also home to some animals like an Alligator or various types of snakes likes Anacondas,Boas,and Pythons.
There are many animals in the rainforest. The rainforest biome has the most diverse group of animals because of so much rain it can support many different animal groups. The types of animals that live in the rainforest are jaguars,leopards, various snakes,monkeys,spiders,sloth,frogs and many more. Due to so many animals being here the animals have a good predator and prey system going on.
parts of a rainforest
The rainforest itself has four parts. The Forest floor which is very dark and some bugs live down here and the Giant Anteater lives here, plants rarely grow down here.Then you have the understory where the jaguars,leopards and some frogs live. In this layer the plants can reach up to 13feet there is also a large amount of insects in this section of the rainforest. Next is the Canopy this is the primary layer of a rainforest where snakes,Toucans, and Tree frogs live. The Canopy is just a layer of leaves, branches, and vines. The emergent layer is the highest point where you can find eagles ,monkey's,bats, and some butterfly's are at. The trees up here are as big as 200ft with trunks as wide as 16 feet.
The weather in the rainforest is very humid. In the rainforest there is no dry seasons it rains about 100 to 200 times every year with heavy rain and strong thunderstorms. The temperature is always between 86 and 95 degrees fahrenheit and At night it is around 68 through 77 degrees.
There are many tribes or groups of people that live in the rainforest. People that live in the rainforest survive by hunting and gathering. In most groups they have colors for their group with many face paints and hats. They also have a main meeting place it is most likely a hut made out of vines and tree bark. The people that live in the rainforest were shown to have very little clothing on their body. If they do wear any clothes its grass skirts.
Rainforest deforestation
Every year about 2.7million acres of rainforest land is destroyed every year. The rain forest is home to 50% of the worlds species which mean that for every year about 6,200 plants and animals are killed. Every day those numbers are increasing because of the increase in the human population. Do to deforestation many species of animals and plants have died off. One main factor to deforestation is humans because we cut the trees but we dont think to plant another one or we start a fire and leave it burning next to a big tree.
Rebuilding the rainforest
Rebuilding the rainforest takes a lot. But it is slowly starting to take place around the globe. People are starting to plant trees near the rainforest and helping any animals in danger. Scientist believe that it may even take up to 65 years to get the trees back and even more to get the whole process up and running with animals, trees, and water.
Deforestation effect
The flaws to the destruction of rainforest or any forest is that there is less oxygen in that atmosphere. Oxygen is 1/5 of the atmosphere with that being said without it we would burn because it blocks most of the Sun UV light and of course we would die from lack of air. Most metal would also weld or bend.
Rainforest dangers
There are many dangers in the rainforest from falling down a hill to getting bit by a jaguar. The rainforest has many dangerous plants not only animals about half if not more of the rainforest plants are poisonous like the Pitcher plant which could eat many rodents that it traps or a more common one is the Venus fly trap.
Predator to prey
In the rainforest the predator prey system is balanced except in some rainforest where deforestation has happened killing the animals that were prey to some causing the predators to die off from lack of food( starvation).
Many fruits and vegetables are made in the rainforest most are imported into America because America does not make anything. Some of the foods made in the rainforest are Bananas,Coffee, rice, Cashews,chocolate,and many other spices.
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