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LinkedIn for ISS

No description

Chelsi Bierschwale

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of LinkedIn for ISS

Over 80% of B2B social leads come from LinkedIn, compared with 12.73% on Twitter, and 6.73% on Facebook.

Why LinkedIn?

"Brand You"
LinkedIn groups provide an opportunity for users to share related news, ask questions and have opportunities to communicate.

The groups also can be used as a knowledge base, you can ask a question and within minutes you will have answers or suggestions.

In addition, group members are also able to view the profiles of other members of the same group without being connected.

Example groups:

9. Join Groups
10. Endorse
Informative, useful updates receive the highest engagement rates
Updating your LinkedIn status is a great way to communicate to your network on a frequent and ongoing basis, and increase views to your profile.

Examples of status updates include:

Industry Insights
Upcoming Events such as conferences or tradeshows
Infographics, Images, Videos
Status updates you share containing links supply 200% more engagement

Tip: Use the ISS Facility Services page on LinkedIn to share posts

11. Share an update
2. Customize Your Profile URL
Be Professional
1. Optimize Your Photo
3. Fill In Everything on your profile
4. Write in First Person
6. Proofread Your Entire Profile
Follow ISS Facility Services homepage
Build Brand Awareness through engagement

The best brand ambassadors are your employees
Increase professional network in the industry

Share industry best practices and build credibility


Make sure the photo is in focus.

Choose a background that isn’t distracting.

Dress in professional attire.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile picture is up-to-date and reflects how you look on a daily basis.

If needed, take the time to get a real professional headshot taken by a photographer.
Aim to just have your full name without anything else.
By default, your LinkedIn profile URL will consist of random alphanumerical characters. However, you can elect to have a customized profile URL by going to Settings > Edit Public Profile > Customize Your Public Profile URL.

If you have a more common name then you might have to resort to a slight modification.
A Detailed Profile is a Strong Profile

A complete profile includes your current position, at least two past positions, your educational background, profile summary and photo.

for a
8. Connect with colleagues
7. Add Media to your profile
Increasing your connections expands your network
5. Write a Compelling Summary
11 Steps
Your LinkedIn profile is not your resume

LinkedIn is ultimately a Social Network. Social Networks are all about you interacting with your network.

Therefore, your LinkedIn profile is promoting YOU as a professional, and your LinkedIn summary should be written as such.

Writing in the first person is much more effective and engaging.
To add these to your profile, click Edit Profile from the menu at the top. Under your Summary, Experience, and Education profile sections is an icon: a square with a (+) symbol. Click this button to upload a file or add a link to something you want to share.

You can also pull videos directly from the ISS World YouTube channel:

Endorsements are a feature that let your connections give their stamp of approval to your skills and qualifications.

LinkedIn ranks your skills based on the number of endorsements they have received, which means your top skills might not actually be the most important ones.

You can rearrange your Skills by clicking on "Edit" under Skills section and making sure you're in the Add & Remove view. Click and drag the skills you want to move to reorder them, and then click save.

The Summary remains one of the most important sections on your LinkedIn Profile.

Write for your desired audience.

Tell a compelling story.

List achievements, not tasks.

Avoid buzzwords.
Linked to ISS Facility Services
Customized URL
People in your network are called connections. Your network is made up of your 1st-degree, 2nd-degree, and 3rd-degree connections.

1st-degree - People you're directly connected to because you've accepted their invitation to connect, or they've accepted your invitation. You'll see a 1st degree icon next to their name in search results and on their profile. You can contact them by sending a message on LinkedIn.

2nd-degree - People who are connected to your 1st-degree connections.

3rd-degree - People who are connected to your 2nd-degree connections.
Make your profile more engaging
When you showcase yourself as a professional in your field, first impressions mean everything. Avoid typos by proofreading everything.

Honesty is also key!

Anything you put on here is immediately on the public domain. Resist the temptation to over emphasize past and present roles and achievements.
You only have 2000 characters to tell a story
First impressions mean everything
Endorsements showcase your key skills and expertise
LinkedIn provides a profile strength graphic and tips on areas that still need to be completed on your profile page.
Joining relevant groups increases your network
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