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The Moon

Anna Banaski, Kelsey Fleming, and Jenna Barandela

Anna Banaski

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of The Moon

Team Polar Penguins The Moon Presented by
Anna Banaski,
Kelsey Fleming,
Jenna Barandela (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Who is Coming Living Conditions Gravity How We Will Obtain Clean Water Energy Growth of Food Oxygen & Atmosphere Sunlight hydroponics. Hydroponics means to grow plants without Thanks For Watching soil but in water with all the nutients it needs. Bye Bye The first important people are... Areospace Engineers Biological Scientists There is 83.3% of gravity.
A 100 lb person would weigh 16.6 lbs.
We would deal with the force of gravity with artifical gravity. Last is the Atmospheric Engineers This is the process of From the moon the sun looks like a ball of fire. There is no oxygen on the moon Shelter will be like a house on Earth. Water will brought up from Earth in jars or containers. This is because the moon has nearly no
atmosphere Oxygen will be made Water will be stored on the Moon in a huge tank that pumps to where ever it is needed. The water will come to the Moon by the people who decide to come. Moon would use lunar power as the source. Solar power would be an alternate source for lunar power. Plants will grow by greenhouses. k A j a k j a a k The Moon The moon has a solid rocky surface. Banana wuz here The distance between the earth and the moon is... 384,400 km Our way of protecting our colony from the sun is by using kevlar wind turbines will also be used bringing anti-gravity machine
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