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From Indie Darling to Billboard Topper - Advisor Training and Professional Development in a Multi-Campus System

NACADA National Conference, October 4-7, 2012, Nashville, TN

Tyann Cherry

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of From Indie Darling to Billboard Topper - Advisor Training and Professional Development in a Multi-Campus System

Advisor Training and Development in a
Multi-Campus System From Indie Darling to
Billboard Topper Tyann Cherry, Senior Advisor
Michelle Loyet, Asst. Director of Academic Advising
Brian Daly, Director Louisville "Teaching students..... takes knowledge, skill and understanding...." - Folsom & Scobie (2010) Conceptual Informational Relational What information do advisors need to know or have access to regarding University policy and procedure? What theories, concepts or research can be helpful to advisors when working with their students? What skills do advisors need to develop to tackle
difficult conversations? Technology Personal "Content Components for Advisor Training: Revisited" by Jeffrey McClellan
http://bit.ly/zVL2wF When it comes to technology, knowledge and use are deeply related.... Introspective analysis, assessment and self-observation... personal understanding is hard. 2007 2010 2009 Started with information
Continued build with more infomration
Focus was on connecting people to standardized materials
Allowed us to immediately offer a wide variety of useful materials Start where you are... October 2007 Push yourself further.... Beta Mentorship Pilot Migration 2008 Webinar Series Give undergraduate advisors an overview on how general advising is conducted in the center which may provide a modifiable guide for their own advising.
Provide customizable templates that allow advisors to communicate with their advisees in a consistent way without needing to create a system from the ground up.
Showcase the uniqueness of individual school programs so all advisors can access this information and aid their students in diversifying their education.
Support advisors in their student advising and give them a list of appropriate resources and contact points to eliminate time wasted on tracking down resources. Undergraduate Advising Course Self Paced
Accessible After Completion
Up to date Webinar Series Continues 2011 Use of webinar series
More interactive assessments
Work from outcomes Website Training Additions Graduate Advising Course Things to consider Using What You Have Building from Scratch Start with outcomes
Match with inventory
Consider how pieces fit together
Determine components for each
Designate a Project Manager
Delegate projects for skill
Consider format One concurrent session
Debut of Connections Group
One plenary session
Explaining online advisement "Gamechanger" September 2009 "Gamechanger" September 2010 "Gamechanger" Three concurrent sessions
Interactive Expo Table
Advising is tasked with travel to train Six concurrent sessions
Two Graduate Sessions
One Undergraduate Session
Two Military Sessions
One PPP Session
Inclusion of key advising staff at social events
Advising continues to be tasked with travel to train September 2011 "Gamechanger" Three concurrent sessions
Inclusion of key advising staff at social events Worldwide Directors Meeting Worldwide Directors Meeting Think about formats..... Capitalize on opportunity.... Create Solutions..... 2012 Start with outcomes
Take a look at existing models
Consider your culture
Requisition Materials
Determine how pieces fit together
Determine components for each
Consider format Questions? cherrypresentation.blogspot.com Tyann Cherry - cherry@webster.edu
Michelle Loyet - michelleloyet46@webster.edu
Brian Daly - dalybr@webster.edu September 2012 Three concurrent sessions
Collaboration across four major offices
Inclusion of key advising staff at social events "Gamechanger"
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