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Rock 'n' Roll influence on society in the 1950's

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julia czerhoniak

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Rock 'n' Roll influence on society in the 1950's

music (Rock 'n' Roll) 1950's 1950's Rock 'n' Roll Conclusion Work Cited In the 1950's a specific style of music known as Rock 'n' Roll affected american society by influencing family lives, teenage behavior, and the civil rights movement. This decade helped to influence everything that we listen to on the radio today. Rock 'n' Roll, influenced the culture and reflected its changes. Popular Albums Rock 'n' Roll affecting teenage behavior The teenagers were mostly affected by this new style of music, known as Rock 'n' Roll. Teens thought this music as it was about their world because the songs were about high school sweethearts, wild parties, and fast cars, they defiantly would of been able to relate to these songs, that were also sang by other teens. momentum started to build as this generation developed their own image and style. But this lead to unacceptable behavior, teen dances were shut down, rock 'n' roll records became banned, and all students were expelled for all of their horrible behavior. Even though the generation of teenagers had a bad reputation, it led to what we are in society today. Rock 'n' Roll influence on family lives 1950's Rock 'n' Roll had over all affected society, indeed it also affected family lives. Why? well it mostly depended on what kind of family they were, for instance if it was a christian, close family, it didn't affect them because the parents wouldn't listen to it, and they wouldn't allow their children to listen to it either. Rock 'n' Roll somehow affected the people that did listen to it, to think that drug usage is okay, which brings us to, society today. And also sexual intercourse became more often also. Not only Rock 'n' Roll affected family lives, and teenagers of the 1950's generation but rock 'n' roll also affected The civil rights movement. Rock 'n' Roll helped the civil rights movement move forward. The civil rights movement gained power as coalitions were created between christian churches (black), and secular organizations. This joining actually helped create "Rock 'n' Roll." As this movement matured from gaining legal rights in the south, through a period of seeking a color-blinded society then into black power, Rock 'n' Roll was a social weather-glass to the movement. Rock 'n' Roll pretty much only had a positive impact on The Civil Rights Movement. The 1950's had a certain type of music that affected family lives, teenage behavior, and the civil rights movement. Rock 'n' Roll was a popularized genre of music that influenced society and helped create the ways we listen and react to the music that we hear on the radio in our society today. www.socialdance.stanford.edu/syliabi/fifties.htm - Rock 'n' Roll affecting The Civil Rights Movement www.humboldtdspace.calstate.edu/handle/2148/31 www.thepeoplehistory.m/50smusic.html
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